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Solid rivets are classified according to what
three factors?
Size, material, and head shape.
A rivet with the code number MS 20426 has
what type of rivet head?
What code identifies a rivet with a plain head
Rivets used primarily for joining magnesium
alloy structures have what alloy designation?
When space is too restricted to properly use a
bucking bar, what type of rivet should be
Protruding head, and flush 100-degree countersunk head.
Hi-shear (pin) rivets are available in what
two head styles?
What fastener has a shear and tensile
strength at least equal to the requirements of
AN and NAS bolts?
Lock bolt.
A 4002 series Camloc fastener consists of
what total number of principal parts?
4 parts.
What metal is used in the construction of
threaded pins of Hi-lok fasteners?
Cadmium-plated alloy steel.
Jo-bolts are available in what three head
100-degree flush head, Hexagon protruding head, and 100-degree millable
How many threads must be extending through
the nut of a replacement bolt for it to be
considered the correct length?
What type of wrench is used to loosen
or tighten countersunk-head and
internal-wrenching bolts?
Allen wrench
How many times can a self-locking nut be
It cannot be reused.
What type of nut is designed to be used with a
cotter pin or safety wire?
Castle nut.
What type of nut is used on an assembly that is
frequently removed?
Wing nut.
What type of nut is used to ensure a
permanent and vibration proof connection?
Klincher locknut.
What three types of screws are most
commonly used in aircraft construction?
Machine, structural, and self-tapping screws.
What type of screw is as strong as a bolt of the
same size?
Structural screw.
Flush-head machine screws are available in
what degree(s) of head angle?
82- and 100-degree only.
What type of screw should NOT be used when
replacing an original screw in an aircraft
a self tapping screw.
When should a ball socket and seat washer be
used on a bolt?
When bolts are installed at an angle to the surface.
When you install a hose between two duct
sections, what is the maximum allowable gap
between the duct ends?
3/4 inch.
If the correct torque value is not specified on a
Marman clamp, what manual should you
consult to locate the correct torque value?
Maintenance Instruction Manual (MIM)
Where space is limited, what type of fitting is
used to connect a cable to a quadrant?
Ball end.
A turnbuckle barrel with internal left-hand
threads can be identified by what means?
By a groove or Knurl around the end of the barrel.
What is the total thread tolerance for a
turnbuckle assembly?
7 threads.
What type of cable guide should be used for a
small opening where a single cable passes
through a wall separating unpressurized
What manual should you first consult when
replacing an aircraft wire?
What type of terminal is generally recommended
for use on naval aircraft?
Solderless crimped type.
What device is used on naval aircraft to allow
the continuous satisfactory operation of
onboard electrical equipment?
Statc discharger.
What are the two most commonly used types
of torque wrenches?
Dial or beam-indicating type and the setting type.
What manual provides torquing information
for a large variety of nuts, bolts, and screws
used in aircraft construction?
NAVAIR 01-1A-8.
What is the purpose of a cotter pin?
A cotter pin is used to secure bolts, nuts, screw, and pins.
How many different methods are used to
secure a turnbuckle?
How many pieces of safety wire are used to
secure a turnbuckle using the wire-wrapping