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Agina Pectoris: signs and symptoms
Pain from under the sternum. Heavy feeling of pressure on the chest. Burning feeling between the shoulder blades. Anxiety. Mahor cause: Extreme physical stress and emotional stress.
Angina Pectoris: Treatment
Place pt in a 45-degree angle( sitting up ) Administer 100% O2 abd 1 nitroglycerin tablet sublinually.
Shock: Causes
Allergic reaction. Severe or extensice injuries. Bites of stings from poisonous snakes or insects. Severe pain or burns. Loss of blood. Digestion of posions. Exposure to extreme heat or cold. Electrical shock. Emotional stress. Gas posioning. Certain Illnesses.
Shock: Signs and symptoms.
Restlessness, anxiety, weakness, anxious or dull expression, and disorentation. Weak rapid pulse. Shallow irregular breathing. Vacant dull eyes with dilated pupils.
Shock: Treatment
Activate EMS. Lay pt down. Elevate the feet. Keep pt warm & calm. Maintain airway.
Syncope: signs and symptoms
Weakness, dizziness, black spot in vision. pale face, blue lips. cold perspiration. Rapid weak pulse. Shallow breathing.
Syncope: Treatment
Activate EMS Lay pt down. Elevate feet (trendeleburg style). Lossen tight clothing. Maintain airway. Use an ammonia ampule.
Anaphylactic Shock: Signs and symptoms
Itching and burning of the skin with flushing. Cyanosis around the lips. Swelling of the face and tongue. Paleness. Swelling of the blood vessels just underneath the skin. Weak, rapid pulse. Low blood pressure. Dizziness. Restlessness. Painful, squeezing sensation in the chest. Difficulty breathing. Respiratory wheezing. Nausea, vomiting. Abdominal cramps Diarrhea.
Anaphylactic shock: Tratment
Activate EMS and provide BLS if needed.
Hypoglycemia: Signs and symptoms
Extreme weakness. Pale, moist skin. Normal or shallow breathing. Normal or rapid pulse. Double vision. Apathy of irritability. Drooling. Tingling and numbness in fingers or feet. Dizziness. Headaches. Fainting. Profuse sweating. Eventual unconsciousness and coma.
Hypoglycemia: Treatment
If severe activate EMS. NEVER give unconscious pt oral liquids. Give a drink of soda or presweetened juice or a piece of candy. If pt is unconscious place a sugar cube under the tongue.
Hyperventilation: Signs and symptoms
Anxiety, nerviousness, fear. Dizziness or lightheadedness. Blurred vision. Dryness or bitterness of the mouth. Tingling of the hands, feet, or area around the mouth. Tightness or a lump in the throat. Shortness of breath. Pounding feeling of the heart. Tired or weak. Feeling of impending doom. Rapid breathing. Fainting.
Hyperventilation: Treatment
Clam the pt and provide reassurance. Try to get the pt to slow their breathing down. Place a bag over the victim's mouth and nose.
Asthma attacks: Signs and symptoms
Difficulty breathing. Wheezing, gasping sounds when attempting to breathe. coughing spasmodically and unproductively. Cyanosis.
Asthma attacks: Treatment
Sit the pt down. Clam and reassure the pt. If pt carried med's help them take the med. Activate EMS if needed.
Seizures: Signs and symptoms
Body becomes rigid and then jerks violently. Jaw Clamped shut. Foaming at the mouth. Loss of consciousness.
Seizures: Treatment
Activate EMS. Lay pt down. Lossen or remove tight clothing. Turn pt on side with head extended and face slighly downward. Maintain airway. Do not restrain the pt unless they are in immediate danger.