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How many 10 second rinses with a mouthwash will temporary reduce a patient's microbial count?
Waterless handwashing agens that contain 70% isopropyl alchochol virtually disinfect the skin in how many seconds?
20 seconds
What protective surface material helps bacteria evade the defense mechanisms of the body?
When must you clean and disinfect the previously covered surfaces between patients?
When surface is visible soiled
Approximately how many deaths occur annually from HBV infection?
The purpose of handwashing is to remove micro-organisms from what area of the skin?
Folds and grooves
What technique is used to clean unprotected areas between patients?
How many maximum minutes are most viruses susceptible o while immersed in boiling water?
20 minutes
Cannot be sterilized because of their design or inability to withstand heat.
Semi critical items
What type of gloves offer the highest quality and best fit at a greatly reduced cost?
How many medium-sized bacteria may be contained in a single drop of water?
2 billion
Where should wrapping material be placed on open instrument trays, packs, or cassetes to protect work surfaces against contamination?
Instrumwents and materials that penetrate the skin, mucous membranes, or bone.
Critical items
Which of the following supplies and equipment can reduce the volume of aerosols and decrease the level of micro-organisms during dental procedures?
HVE's and rubber dams
How long should you flush each of the unit water lines and hoses for at the beginning of each work day?
1 minute
Which of the following is the most common mold infection in humans?
Ring worm
When securing the DTR at the end of the day, how many quarts of water should be flushed through the HVE?
1 quart
Washing increases the porosity of gloves up to what maximum percent?
60 percent
When using a detergent with sodium hypochlorite, what dilution ratio is recommended?