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Which NAVMED form is used to schedule dental appointments?
NAVMED 6600/5
Which NAVMED form is used as a dental appointment card?
NAVMED 6600/6
What type of list is used for patients requiring extensive treatment?
Patient call list
The dental computerized recall system uses a maximum of how many lists?
What can DENMIS do?
1. Dental Workload reports
2. Unit and individual operational dental readiness reports.
3. Provider Treatment Time reports
4. Patient and Unit Dental Treatment Needs reports
5. For class 3 or 4 pts that require operative or prophy, and so forth.
The Daily DIRS record is designed to give providers what type of a treatment record?
BUMED Instruction 6300.10 is divided into how many parts?
Three: Internal, External, and PT relations.
Which program allows patients to voice and document how they are treated?
Patient Contact
Validated patient complaints and compliments are incorporated into which of the command’s annual assessments?
Quality Assurance
The new Dental Record Jacket is which of the following NAVMED forms?
NAVMED 6150/21-30
A patient without an SSN will have which of the following substitute SSN’s established.
EX: AUG 10 1945
Which of the phrase is written in the lower portion of the patient’s Identification box for Retired 0-7 and above personnel?
Where is the DD 2005, Privacy Act Statement located in the NAVMED 6150/21-30 (RECORD)?
Front of center page
Where is the Forensic Examination form located in
the NAVMED 6150/21-30?
Inside back cover
Where is the Disclosure Accounting Record located
in the NAVMED 6150/21-30?
Back of center page
What color of record category tape is used?
Active Duty: Blue
Reserve: Red
Family memeber: Yellow
Retired: Green
All others: Black
Sequential bitewing radiographs should be filed in
which section of the NAVMED 6150/21-30?
Inside front cover of dental record jacket
Dental Exam Forms and EZ 603s should be filed in which section of the NAVMED 6150/21-30?
Back of dental record jacket center page
The most current Dental Treatment Form, EZ603A is filed in which section of the NAVMED 6150/21-
Inside back cover of dental record jacket
The NAVMED 6600/3 is filed in which section of the NAVMED 6150/21-30?
Front of dental record jacket center page
When using the terminal digit filing system, how many equal sections are the central files divided into?
Which of the following NAVMED Forms is the Health Record Receipt?
NAVMED 6150/7
The Request for a Medical/Dental Record
Information Form is Identified by which of the
following DD numbers?
DD 877
What is the maximum time allowed for retention of loose treatment forms?
1 year
What forms are in the inside back cover of the dental record jacket?
1. NAVPERS 5510/1
2. Current status form
3. NAVMED 6600/12
4. EZ603A
5. OLD SF603s and 603As
6. SF 513
7. SF 502
8. SF 509
9. SF 515
10. SF 522
What forms are in the inside front cover of the dental record jacket?
1. unmounted radiographs in envelopes.
2. Seqential bitewing radiograph.
3. Panographic or full-mouth radiographs.
What is routine dental care?
1.Dental examinations and advice on dental health.
2.Restoration of lost tooth structure.
3.Treatment of periodontal conditions.
4.Surgical procedures.
5.Replacement of missing teeth essential to personal appearance, the performance of
military duty, or the proper mastication of food.
What is emergency care?
This is treatment necessary to relieve pain, control bleeding, and manage acute septic conditions or injuries to the oral-facial structures.
What is elective dental care?
Examples of elective dental are malocclusion,
orthodontics, replacing amalgam fillings with gold
crowns, etc.
What are the Priority Categories?
1A Members of the uniformed services on active duty.
1B Members of a Reserve Component of the Armed Forces and National Guard personnel.
2 Family member of active duty members of the uniformed services; family members of
persons who died while in such a status.
3 Members of the Senior reserve Officers Training Corps.
4 Retired members of the uniformed services and their family members (including family members of deceased retired members.)
5 Civilian employees of the Federal Government.
6 All others.