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An element that enables a seadependent nation to project its political, economic, and military strengths seaward is known as
sea power
The true strength of sea power can only be measured in terms of a nation’s ability to use the sea to further its
national objectives
It is more feasible to send naval forces, in comparison to other military forces, into crisis areas for which of the following reasons?
The cost is low; Naval forces can stay on station indefinitely; Naval forces leave behind no physical reminders of their presence
To continue to exist as we know it today, the United States must have a policy that recognizes its
worldwide commitments
What are the three fundamental
pillars on which United States
military strategy rests?
Deterrence, forward defense,
and alliance solidarity
What responses could the United States take in the event of aggression by a potential enemy?
meet force with force at the point of attack; increase the intensity of the conflict; alter the geographic width of the conflict; or control the duration of fighting.
The Navy has the ability to outlast any aggressor with
secure sea-lanes
True or False. In time of emergency the Navy must be able to venture into harm’s way.
What are the components of the TRIAD of strategic nuclear forces?
What is the most flexible element of the TRIAD
Intercontinental ballistic
What is the sole mission and
fundamental reason for the existence of the fleet ballistic missile submarine?
To deter war
The TRIAD has been developed and maintained for which of the following purposes?
to deter nuclear attack
Ships of the Second Fleet patrol some of the world’s most important trade routes. In what area of the world does the Second Fleet normally patrol?
Western Atlantic
Which of the following fleets would you find in the Western Pacific and Indian Ocean regions?
Which of the following terms
describes an attack that is
intended to inflict damage to,
seize, or destroy an objective?
Which of the following characteristics of a strike force is one of its greatest assets?
What are the types of task forces organized primarily for strike force operations?
carrier, surface, and submarine strike forces
The primary mission of our
submarine force is to destroy which of the following types of enemy ships?
The first fleet ballistic missile submarine was launched in what year?
When the term “TRIDENT” is used, it is understood to include which of the following elements?
submarines, missiles, and base.
Trident I missiles have a multiple warhead capability and a maximum range of how many nautical miles?
The destruction or neutralization of enemy targets ashore through the use of conventional or nuclear
The destruction or neutralization of enemy surface combatants and merchant ships.
antisurface ship
Naval operations generally accepted as being nonconventional in nature.
This type of warfare prevents the effective use of cargo-carrying vessels by the enemy.
antisurface ship
Correctly interpreted, this type of warfare permits military decisions to be based on accurate knowledge of the enemy’s forces and capabilities.