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A resource that can be replaced in time
renewable resourses
Examples of natural resources
forest, water, air, sunlight, minerals, metals, chemicals, fossil fuels
a compund that contains hydrogen and carbon
Energy captured from the suns radiant energy
solar energy
burning fossil fuels damage the enviroment because they create
smog, acid rain, global warming, mines damage habitats
3 examples of fossil fuels
petroleum, natural gas, coal
A liquid fossil fuel crude oil
The type of energy relating to plants anf their ability to store the suns energy
Energy caused by the uneaven heating of earths surface and atmosphere
Wind energy
any material from the earth that can be used in some way by people
Natural resource
Examples of nonrenewable resources
Fossil fuels, minerals, nuclear energy
Energy from moving or falling water
examples of renewable resources
solar energy, wind power, hydropower, biomass, geothermal energy
Formed from the bodies of once living organisms
Fossil fuels
A solid fossil fuel
A gaseous fossil fuel
natrural gas
A resource that cannot be replaced or can be replaced slowly over millions of years
Nonrenewable resources