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Regional Nodes - Testicular Cancer
Interaortcaval (right 1st echelon)
Paraaortic (left first echelon)
Preaortic Precaval
Retroaortic retrocaval
Nodes along spermatic veins
Intrapelvic, external iliac, ingunal only if scrotal or inguinal surgery prior to tumor presentation
Breast Cancer Regional Nodes
Nodes along axillary vein
Axillary levels I-III
Intrapectoral (rotters node)
Internal mammary
Intramammary nodes
Supaclavicular nodes
Vulvar cancer Regional Lymph Nodes
inguinal nodes
femoral nodes
Anal Squamous cell Regional Lymph Nodes
Perirectal (anorectal, lateral sacral)
Internal iliac
Inguinal- superficial
Penis Cancer Regional Nodes
Superficial inguinal
femoral nodes
internal iliac
intrapelvic nodes
Anal Squamous cell carcinoma: Regional lymph nodes
Above dentate line: along hemorrhoidal vessels, perirectal and internal iliac nodes

Below dentate line: inguinal nodes
Bladder Cancer Regional Nodes
First eschelon: internal and external iliac and obturator nodes
Second eschelon: common iliac nodes
Parotid Carcinoma: Regional Lymph Nodes
Intraparotid nodes
Periparotid nodes
Level IB
Level II
Level III
Submandibular Gland Cancer: Regional Lymph Nodes
Level IB
Level II
Level III