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To impair,wither,or decay
The early frost blasted the flowers,blighted the vegetables,and worst of all gave me a cold.
to transform form a liquad to a soft semisolid or solid mass,to curdle or clot
The experiment was unsuccessful because the chemicals failed to coagulate,and instead remained a liquad.
to grow together;to unite by growth into on mass or body.
Smoke billowed form each volcanic vent, and coalesed into one great cloud of ash.
to eat or devour;to squander or destroy
The mountian climber was careful not to consume all of her water early in her journey.
defoliate- verb
to strip or deprive of leaves.
Last year,caterpillars destroyed the oak's leaves;this year,it was disease that defoliated it.
to lose water or moisture;dehydrate; dry out throughly
Most tropical plants will desiccate in a typical apartment unless watered and misted frequently.
drench- verb
to steep in moisture;to wet thoroughly or soak
It wasnt a good idea to play football in the downpour, since we were drenched by the time the game was over.