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What is a nomad?
A person who keeps moving from place to place.
What are ancestors?
They are early family members.
What is extinct?
It is means died out usually with animals.
What does adapt mean?
Change their way of living
What is agriculture?
What are cultures?
Ways of life
What is a tribe?
A term used often to describe Native American groups that have the same leaders or share the same culture or land.
What is a language group?
The languages in this group are alike in some way.
What is an artifact?
Any object made by people who lived in the past.
What is an archaeologist?
Scientists who study artifacts to learn how people lived long ago.
What is a cultural region?
Areas in which people share a similar language or some other cultural trait.
What is a palisade?
Walls made of tall wooden poles placed around the Iroqouis villages.
What is a longhouse?
A long, narrow building with a curved roof that the Iroqouis lived in.
What does trade mean?
It is the exchanging or buying and selling of goods.
What is wampum?
Beads cut from shells used for trading and exchanging goods such as food or cooking pots. They were also strung into belts.
What is a clan?
A smaller group within the Iroqouis tribe made up of mostly relatives.
What is a sachem?
The chief of the clan chosen by the women.
What is a legend?
A story handed down by a group of people over time.
What is a confederacy?
A loose group of governments working together
What is a council?
A group that makes laws. Each tribe sent a member to be on The Grand Council.