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What is a natural resource?
Materials found on land that are not man made.
How did the Native Americans live off the land?
1. farming
2. hunting
3. fishing
Why do we say Native Americans today instead of Indians?
Some people find the name Indians to be offensive.
How do scientists think Native Americans got to America?
They walked across the Bering Strait from Asia.
The Native Americans of the Southwest region hunted for their food. What are some of the things they hunted so they could eat? (Give at lest 2)
1. bison
2. antelope
3. quale
4. turkey
The native Americans of the Eastern Woodlands region lived in two different types of houses. What were these two houses?
1. wigwams
2. long houses
What were the two types of houses made out of?
The California/Intermountain Native Americans ate what types of food?
1. corn
2. seeds
The Northwest coast Native Americans built strong canoes. What did they need these canoes for?
1. transportation
2. fishing
Because it was very cold in the Far North region and there was a lot of snow, what kind of clothes and shoes did these Native Americans wear?
1. animal skins
2. snow shoes
There were many buffalo located in the plains regions. What different things do you think the Native Americans of this area used the buffalo for? (Give at lease 3 things)
1. clothing
2. housing
3. food