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america(n); male and female
amirka; ba'amirke/ ba'amirkiya
europe(an); male and female
Turai; bature/ baturiya
germany (germans); male and female
Jamus; bajamushe/ bajamushiya
england (english); male and female
Ingila; ba'ingile/ ba'ingliya
france (french); male and female
faransa; bafaranshe/ bafaranshiya
Hausa (male and female)
bahaushe/ bahaushiya
Ni ba bajaumushe ba ne.
I am not a German male.
Su amirkawa ne.
They are American.
Mu baturawa ne.
We are European.
Kai ba bature ba ne.
You (male) are not European.
Ku Hausawa ne?
Are you guys Hausa?
Ke ba ba'afirkiya ba ce.
She is not African.