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Country: Alemania
English: German
F: alemana
M: alema'n
Country: Argentina
English: Argentine
F: argentina
M: argentino
Country: Asia + Estados Unidos
English: Asian American
F: asia'ticoamericana
M: asia'ticoamericano
Country: Bolivia
English: Bolivian
f: boliviana
m: boliviano
Country: Brasil
English: Brazilian
F: brasilen~a
M: brasilen~o
Country: Canada'
English: Canadian
F: canadiense
M: canadiense
Country: Chile
English: Chilean
F: chilena
M: chileno
Country: China
English: Chinese
F: china
M: chino
Country: Colombia
English: Colombian
F: colombiana
M: colombiano
Country: Corea
English: Korean
F: coreana
M: coreano
Country: Corea + Estados Unidos
English: Korean American
F: coreanoamericana
M: coreanoamericano
Country: Costa Rica
English: Costa Rican
F: costarricense
M: costarricense
Country: Cuba
English: Cuban
F: cubana
M: cubano
Country: Cuba + Estados Unidos
English: Cuban American
F: cubanoamericana
M: cubanoamericano
Country: Ecuador
English: Ecuadorian
F: ecuatoriana
M: ecuatoriano
Country: El Salvador
English: Salvadoran
F: salvadoren~a
M: salvadoren~o
Country: Espan~a
English: Spanish
F: espan~ola
M: espan~ol
Country: Estados Unidos
English: From the U.S.A
F: estadounidense
M: estadounidense
Country: Europa
English: European
F: europea
M: europeo
Country: Francia
English: French
F: francesa
M: france's
Country: Guatemala
English: Guatemalan
F: guatemalteca
M: guatemalteco
Country: Haiti'
English: Haitian
F: haitiana
M: haitiano
Country: Honduras
English: Honduran
F: honduren~a
M: honduren~o
Country: Inglaterra
English: English
F: inglesa
M: ingle's
Country: Irlanda
English: Irish
F: irlandesa
M: irlande's
Country: Italia
English: Italian
F: italiana
M: italiano
Country: Japo'n
English: Japanese
F: japonesa
M: japone's
Country: Me'xico
English: Mexican
F: mexicana
M: mexicano
Country: Me'xico + Estados Unidos
English: Mexican American
F: mexicoamericana
M: mexicoamericano
Country: Nicaragua
English: Nicaraguan
F: nicaragu--ense
M: nicaragu--ense
Country: Panama'
English: Panamanian
F: panamen~a
M: panamen~o
Country: Paraguay
English: Paraguayan
F: paraguaya
M: paraguayo
Country: Peru'
English: Peruvian
F: peruana
M: peruano
Country: Portugal
English: Portuguese
F: portuguesa
M: portugue's
Country: Puerto Rico
English: Puerto Rican
F: puertorriquen~a
M: puertorriquen~o
Country: Repu'blica Dominicana
English: Dominican
F: dominicana
M: dominicano
Country: Rusia
English: Russian
F: rusa
M: ruso
Country: Uruguay
English: Uruguayan
F: uruguaya
M: uruguayo
Country: Venezuela
English: Venezuelan
F: venezolana
M: venezolano
Countries that have an apostrophe (6)
Alemania – alemana-f / alema'n – m
Francia - francesa-f / france's-m
Inglaterra - inglesa-f / ingle's-m
Irlanda - irlandesa-f / irlande's-m
Japo'n - japonesa-f / japone's-m
Portugal - portuguesa-f / portugue's-m
Countries that remain the same (4)
canada' - canadiense (same for both)
costa rica - costarricense (same both)
Nicaragua - nicaragu``ense(same both)
Estados Unidos estadounidense (for both)
Countries with the '~' (tilde) (5)
El Salvador - salvadoren~a-f / ------------salvadoren~o-m
Espan~a - espan~ola-f /espan~ol-m
Honduras - honduren~a-f / honduren~o-m
Panama' - panamen~a-f / panamen~o-m
Puerto Rico- puertorriquen~a-f / puertorriquen~o-m