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mergers of politically divided but culterally similar land
example 19th cen germany and italy
culturally distinct froup resists being added to a state or tries to break away
greeks in ottoman empire
french speaking canadians
state building
culturally distinct grouups form into a new state by accepting a single culture
the desire for a group of people who have shared cultural backgorund and a common history to occupy a sovreign state with refined borders
congress of vienna
ambassadors from the major powers in europe met to redraw the continents political map and decided on the battle of waterloo that led to the end of napoleans power
hundred days
Napolean returns from exile to rule France until he is replaces by King Louis XVIII on july 8
battle at waterloo
Napoleon Bonaparte forced out of France a final time into exile after ruling 100 days
Revolution 1848
The spread of revolutions across europe but not britain and in brazil. Ideas suchas liberalism and nationalism represented, mostly unsuccesful
Crimean War
Imperial Russia vs. UK france and ottoman empire fought mostly on Crimean peninsula. Treaty of Paris resulted and banned russia from controlling the black sea.
US Civil war
Seperation nationalism between north and soputh of the US led to the shouth trying to succeed to protect slavery. North dominated
Franco-prussian war
Bismark encouraged a war between france and prussia to unify all the german stated the southern german states allied with prussia and france lost...Prussia and germany unify
continental system
alliance 1806-1808 attempting to prevent british goods from reaching europeans continents to weaken economy so britain couldnt wage war
grand empire
1789-1815 consisted of the territories that napoleon conquered
part of the continental system blocked goods from entering...literal barrier with ships and army
General Winter
the harsh winter ocnditions that russia had that led to the defeat of the french army when they couldnt survive the cold after the russian army retreated
balance of power
one of the goals of the congress of vienna was to stop one person from having all power
COngress of Vienna- restore monarchs to the throne
people wanting to maintain the status quo
people who desire progressive change
multinational state
a state that contianed people of more than one nationality was often caused by already existing nations being grouped together by conquerers
eastern question
eastern powers were concerned about the ottoman empire gaining too much power
holy alliance
Russia austria and prussia and others agree to christianity and the principal of intervention
concert of europe
european powers work together to keep peace
the second empire
JAn 18 1871 loius XVI names emporer of the 2nd german empire where unity was acheiced by prussian monarchs and arms
Ausgleich (compromise of 1867)
Austria became a dual monarchy of austria and hungary Temporary solution
politics of reality
king of germany
Red shirts
gUISEppe garibaldi army of italians who wore red shirts and conquered naples and KDM to unite italy
1769-1821 rose from commoner to genral and emporer of france, expanded empire
Klemens con Metternich
1814-1815 helped hold the congress of vienna which led to the defeat of napoleon conservative of austra
ALexander I and II
Both the Tsar of russia during this time period represented france at the congress of vienna
Charles Tallyrand
1754-1838 he represented france at the congress of vienna
Viscount Casltreagh
Represented the UK at the congress of vienna
Camillo di cavour
first prime minister of the kindom of italy
Victor emmanual
king of piedmont sardinia and savory and then king of united italy
king william I
tried to expand the prussian army and appointed bismark . bismark ignored the legislature to do what new minister wanted
otto von bismark
minister and president of prussia. he had conservative monarchal views and strongly helped germany unify
louis napoleon
won elections in december 1848 newphew of bonaparte
king william II
king of netherlands and represented the netherlands at congress of vienna
John macdonald
`867 first prime minister of canada