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What is the principle of Dominance?
when two forms of the same gene are resent the daminant allele is expressed.
What is the principle of Segrigation?
if meiosis two alleles saparate so that each gamete gets only one form of the gene.
What is the law of independent assortment?
Each trait is inherited independent of the other traits.
What is teh difference between a phenotype and a genotype?
a phenotype refers to observable traits, a genotype is the specific arrangement of alleles for a trait.
What is an Allele?
two or more alternate forms of a gene.
What is meant by the term "hemozygous"?
homozygous refers to a genotype that contains the same alleles for a trait.
What is meant by the term "Heterozygous"?
a genotype that contains different alleles for a trait.
Explain the difference between mononhybrid and dihydrid.
momonhybrid is describing one trait. dihydrid is describing two traits.
BONUS: mono means one, hybrid menas combined.
how many genotypes are possable in simple dominance?
how many phenotypes are possable in simple dominance?
What is the purpose of a test cross?
to determine the genotype of an individual with the dominant phenotype.
Define the term "intermediate inheritance"
a blend of multiple phenotypes
Define "condominance"
two phenotypes both appearing at the same time.
What is complementary interaction?
wehn two genes interact to produce a phenotype where neither is able to produce itself.
What is supression epistasis?
when one gene masks the expression of another gene.