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What is the mass migration of the the people that moved southward through Africa spreading their language and culture?
Bantu Migration
How many slaves had been transported by the end of the slave trade in 1870?
Where were the slaves transported to?
Europe and America
Who started colonialism in Africa?
King Leopold II of Belgium after he gained interest in Congo.
How did colonialism effect Africa?
Africa used to have stateless societies, They were disrupted by long-standing systems of government in Africa.
What are/were the economic effects in Africa?
Central Africa is still trying to recover from colonialism.
What does some of Central Africa's art reflect?
Attitudes toward colonialism.
Where do the fang, who create fang sculptures live?
Gabon in souther Cameroon.
What sort of barriers does education face?
There is a shortage of supply, teachers, secondary schools and a high dropout rate.
What is learning like in Central Africa?
In Cameroon most kids leave school around the age of twelve. In Central African Republic, kids between the ages of six and fourteen are required to go to school.