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Political Skills

How did Napoleon demonstrate shrewd political maneuvering as emperor?
- Use of Plebiscites
- Reformation of the structure of the French government
- his portrayal of himself as emperor
Use of Plebiscites
because all French people were given the chance to cast their vote, they felt empowered by Napoleon’s system – this helped his popularity immensely
Reformation of government structure
Following his own professed revolutionary passion, he helped disband the reigning government structure, establishing a consulate with himself as first Consul. During the first plebiscite, the French people voted for a constitution that would place Napoleon in power, not simply voting him into a previously existing position.
though his position was identical to that of a dictator, Napoleon knew the political power that came from presenting himself as a revolutionary. Even up to his dismissal in 1815, he still claimed his allegiance to revolution and the people's will, despite his history of strict authoritarian control: "My will is the will of the people. My rights are its rights."
People Skills

How did Napoleon use his persuasive elocution and propoganda to maintain his power?
- He proclaimed himself a civilian
- Manipulated media
- used a platform of nationalist sentiment
He identified himself as a civilian
o Though his rule was actually more authoritarian than Louis XVI, his subjects loved him because he “ruled as a civilian”
Manipulated the media
During elections, Napoleon would send agents out to all the regions of France to spread good things about him among groups of citizens, private organizations, and especially the newspapers.
A vote for Napoleon is a vote for France
By so closely identifying himself with the French state, he played on the nationalist feelings of the people. One source says, “Election posters and supporters' speeches announced, "There is one name which is the symbol of order, of glory, of patriotism; and it is borne today by one who has won the confidence and affection of the people."” (
How did these uses of his skills help his further rise to power?
- By forcing the French people to identify the new government positions he had created with himself
- By manipulating national sentiment towards him through infiltrating the newspaper and spreading good things about himself
- Allowing him to have unquestioned free reign over military decisions, which led to more conquered territories and lands