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who published Idea on the history of the Philosophy of Mankind? In what year was it published and what is it abt?
In 1784 Herder published Ideas on the History of the Philosophy of mankind. He developed a concept of history that allowed the Romantics to challenge the Enlgihtenment ideals of universalistic rationality.
What occured on November 9, 1779?
Napoleon and Siyes overthrow the Directory, form the Consulate, with Napoleon as First Consulate on November 9. 1799
In what year(s) did the Directory rule? what was it?
The Directory ruled from 1795-1799. It was a bicameral legislature. Five directors made up the weak executive brance. This was created to remedy the excesses of Robespierre's government
In what year is the Second Coalition formed and who does it consist of
It is formed in 1799. It was an anti France coalition. Austria, Russia and Britain were in it. The second Coalition was ended with the treaty of luneville.
In what battle was the Second Coalition brought to an end?
The Second Coalition was brought to an end when the French won the battle of MArengo against the Austrians. So they made them sign the Treaty of Luneville
In what year was the concordat passed and what did it do
The concordat the resulted in peace between France and rome was the Concordat of 1801. Previously, the church had disliked Napoleon but this pact kept them from letting out any bad feelings. So Napoleon didnt have to fight the church
in what year is Napoleon elected consul for life?
What is the Peace of Amiens annd in what year is the agreement made?
The peace of Amiens is The agreement between the British and the French not to fight. The year of 1802 was the only year no European country was officially at war with another country.
In what year does Napoleon change his title fromm consul to emperor?
1804 after the Louisiana purchase of 1803
In what year is the Third coalition formed and who did it consist of
in 1805 the Third Coalition is formed and it is made up by Britain, Austria and Russia
what treaty led Alexander I to quit the Third Coalition (and hence kill it)?
When alexander I signed the Treaty of Tilsit to side with Napoleon the Third coalition was ended. This was the result of him losing the battle at Friedland to avoid retreating into Russia since they had fought in Poland.
Which battle established Britain as the supreme naval power?
The battle of Trafalgar in October 21 of 1805. This navy completely Napoleon's ships. The british fleet was commanded by Admiral Horatio Nelson.
In what battle in 1805 does Napoleon eliminate both the Russian and Austrian armies?
The Battle of Austerlitz in 1805 is where the Austrians and Russians get beat up by Napoleon
What decree in 1806 begins the continental system?
The Berlin decree of 1806 begins the Continental system
In what year does France enter Russia w/the great army?
what Austrian foreign minister offered the Frankfurt proposals as a solution?
Metternich. He wanted this to replace Napoleon's power. He wanted to preserve the ancien regime and he wanted stability in europe
What treaty is made on April 4, 1814 to keep France from ever getting too powerful again?
The Treaty of Fontainebleau consisted of theh four powers,, Britain, Austria, Prussia and Russia agreeing to ally for 20 years. They to fight together to beat them up if France ever got too powerful again
When does the Congress of Vienna begin and what is it?
In 1814 the Congress of Vienna begins. After defeating Napoleon they try to figure out how to divide the empire.