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The NAMP is founded upon the three-level maintenance what are they?
O, I, & D
I-level maintenance mission is used to?
Enhance and sustain the combat readiness and mission capability of supported activities by providing quality and timely material support
D-level maintenance is performed at or by FRC sites to ensure what?
Continued flying integrity of airframes and flight systems during subsequent operational service periods
What are the two type of maintenance?
Rework and Upkeep
Who assign limited I-
level maintenance responsibility w/ recommendation by the cognizant ACC/TYCOM?
How is support equipment defined?
As all equipment required on the ground to make an aeronautical system, support system, subsystem, or end item of equipment operational in its intended environment.
Who assigns maintenance taks and responsiblity of all Naval, FMF A/C
Shore field activities provide what service to station commands?
I and O level support for station aircraft, tenant squadrons, and units.
NDI is used to do what?
Inspect for defects and correct before they reach catastrophic proportions.
What has overall cognizance of the NDI Program?
In terms of the NDI program ACC/TYCOMS responsibilites are?
a. Monitor the NDI Program in activities under their cognizance, b. Designate NDI specialists, c. Assign an NDI Program Manager
NDI technicians should be at least what paygrade?
E4 and above
NDI's must recertify how often?
Every three years
Is there a requirement to have ordnance personnel on the board?
What is the objective of the Aircraft Confined Space Program?
To ensure a safe environment is maintained when working on aeronautical equipment fuel cells and tanks.
What is the purpose of Aircraft Battle Damage Repair?
Authorizes maintenance procedures performed under combat conditions.
What is the purpose of the Aircraft Maintenance Material Readiness List Program
Is the title of the overall program which provides the data required for the effective management of SE at all levels of aircraft maintenance.
SECAs is responsible for what in relation to AMMRL?
Schedule and maintain IMRLs for all applicable Navy and Marine Corps aircraft maintenance using guidance provided by COMNAVAIRSYSCOM
What are the AMMRL Custody Codes? Define each
Code D: Detachment list code, Code E: assigned to items used infrequently, M & N Calibration, P: Over 200lbs, L: Requiring Calibration.
What is SERMIS?
Is a collection of technical and cataloging data identifying SE end items required for O-level, I-level, and D-level aircraft maintenance.
What is LAMS?
Is an automated management information system which provides for standardized local management of IMRL assets.
What is List 3 of the TDSA program?
Technical Directives Status Accounting INC/NINC Summary Matrix.
What is First Degree Repair?
Replacement/disassembly to the extent the compressor rotor could be removed.
What is Third Degree Repair?
Similar to 2nd degree repair. Requires high maintenance man-hours and are of a low incidence rate are excluded.
APU's and SEGTEs falls under what # repair concept?
What is the Interservice support program?
Is rework of repairable components performed by one service for another.
What instruction directs Naval Ordnance Maintenance Management Program?
What is RCM used for?
To identify PM requirements to realize the inherent reliability of systems and equipment at minimum expenditure of resources.
PED and OMS will be adjusted how many months after ASPA?
12 & 18 months
A/C must be preserved or inducted for rework how many days after current PED?
90 Days