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What is the ACCs/TYCOM responsibilities in relation to funding?
a. Direct formulation and administration of fiscal and budgetary policies.
b. Serve as the focal point for force financial matters.
c. Manage resources and related resource management systems and procedures.
What is the ACCs/TYCOM responsibilities in relation to manpower?
a. (M&P), Commanders in Chief, and the Enlisted Personnel Management Center on matters affecting manning. b. On FMF manning issues, coordinate with the appropriate FMF commander.
b. Evaluate requests submitted for changes to officer and enlisted allowances.
c. Review authorized billets, at least annually, to ensure manpower requirements, within CNO policy constraints, are correctly stated; recommend changes to the manpower claimant.
What is the ACCs/TYCOM responsibilities in relation to training?
a. Supervise, coordinate, and direct internal aviation technical training programs for all commands.
b. Coordinate aviation maintenance training conducted by CENNAVAVNTECHTRAUs and factory training under the sponsorship of COMNAVAIRSYSCOM.
c. Monitor quota control of all training conducted for or requested by maintenance personnel.
What is the ACCs/TYCOM responsibilities in relation to Aircraft Assignment?
a. Exercise administrative control, assignment, and logistic support of reporting custodian aircraft.
b. Supervise scheduling of aircraft into standard rework, publishe aircraft movement instructions to meet rework schedules, and coordinate maintenance efforts.
c. Supervise and direct the compilation, preparation, and submission of aircraft records and reports required by CNO, COMNAVAIRFOR, and COMNAVAIRSYSCOM.
What is the mission of the AMMT?
Overall readiness and safety of the Naval Air Forces are directly related to and dependent upon efficient, effective, and sustained maintenance practices, program management, and material condition
of aircraft and SE
AMMT inspects deployable squadrons and CV/CVN/L-Class ships how often? shall receive an AMI prior to each deployment
Prior to each deployment
Permanently forward deployed units shall receive an AMI?
Every 2 years
Deployable squadrons and ships shall receive an AMI after being designated emergency surge capable how often?
squadrons: 4-6 months; ships 3-6 months