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executive order 11246 (1965)
Affirmative Action
Equal pay act (1963)
Can not use sex to determine pay rate.
Fair Labor Standards act (1938)
established minimum wage, overtime time pay.
Osha (1970)
Established safe and healthy work area
National Leader relations act (1947)
right to join a union
right to collective bargaining
pro labor
Taft-Hartley Act (1947)
Lists right of employers/ees
Right of president to stop a strike for 90 days
states what unions an not do
Labor Manangement Reporting/Disclosure 1950
protects union measures from the union... as in corrupt elections.
Meathods of attaining financial support
Regulations on the issue of stock, on the financial statements, and on stock brokers.
Federal Securities act of 1953
overseas the stock market with the securing of exchange commision
Food, Drug, Cosmetics Act 1938
created the rules fo purity, safety, and production of consumer used products
National Traffic/Motor safety Act 1960
sets auto safety standards and real economy
Fair packing/Labeling Act 1966
Fair Labeling of product ingredients as well as weight
???? In Lending 1968
Applies to loan process, must disclose finance charges and rate of interest
Consumer Product Safety Act 1972
All product must follow safety standards from bottle type, to the reporting of defects and recalls
National Enviromental Policy 1970
Business must create an enviralmental impact statement
Goverment Regulations
protection by resources
protection by society
protection by employees