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provides common industry definitions for Canada, Mexico, and US
Derived Demand
Demand for indusgtrial products and services driven by demand for consumer products and services
Organizational buying criteria
objective attributes of the supplier's products and services and the acapabilites of the supplier itself.
Buying Center
grouop of people in an organization who participate in the buying process
Straight Rebuy
buyer reorders existing product from list of acceptable suppliers, probably without consulting users or influencers
Modified Rebuy
users, influencers, or deciders want to change the product specs, price, delivery schedule, or supplier.
New Buy
Organziation is a first-time buyer of the product or service. Buying center is enlarged to include all those who have a stake in the new buy. Greater potential risk.
Marketing research four step process
Define Problem, Develop the research plan, collect relevant information, delvier the final report
Marketing research
process of collecting and analyzing information in order to recommend actions
Measures of success
Criteria or standards used in evaluating proposed solutions to a problem
Internal Secondary Data
Data that have already been collected and exist inside the business firm or other organization
Exteneral Secondary Dataq
Published data from outside the organization
Primary Data
facts and figures that are newly collected for the project
facts and figures obtained by watching, either mechanically or in person, how people behave
a sample of consumers or stores from which researchers take a series of measurements
involves obtaining data by manipulating factgors under tighly controlled conditions to test cause and effect.
Salesforce survey forecast
involves asking the firm's salespeople to estimate sales during a coming period
Trend extrapolation forecast
involves extending a pattern observed in past data into the future
Continuous innovation
requires no new learning by consumers
dynamically continuous innovation
disrupts consumer's normal routine but does not require totally new learning
Discontinuous innovation
requires new learning and consumption patterns by consumers
buildings and fixed equipment.
accessory equipment
tools and office equipment and is usually pruchased in small order sizes by buyers
similar to consumer convenience goods and consist of products such as stationery, paper clips, and brooms
intangible activities to assist the industrial buyer
product line
group of products that are closely related because they satisfy a clss of needs or are used together
product mix
all the product lines offered by a company