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What was wrong with early systems of biological classification?
Common names were too confusing
What is the Latin word for Group?
What is a naming system developed by a Swedish biologist in the 1750's?
Bionmial Nomenclature
who develped Binomial Nomenclature?
Carolus Linnaeus
What does binomial mean?
"2 names"
What does nomenclature mean?
"naming system"
What are the 5 things that a scientific name must include?
1. universal
2. unique to a species
3-part name
4. italicized or underlined
5. 2 part name must be created according to proper latin grammatical rules
What is the first part of the name?
What are the 5 parts to remember about Genus?
1. first part
2. always Capitalized
3. can be abbreviated by its first letter
4. category containing similar species
5. organisms are assigned their genus based on its major characteristics
How are organisms assigned their genus?
based on its major characeristics
What is the second part of the name?
What are 3 things to remember about species?
1. second part
2. never capitalized
3. identifies one particular organism
What is the order of the classifying system?
What is the saying to remember the beginning letters to the Classifying system?
King Philip Came Over From Great Spain
What is the broadest category in the system?
How many Kingdoms are there?
What are the six Kingdoms?
Archaebacteria, Eubacteria, Protista, Fungi, Plantae, Animalia
Under the old naming system Archaebacteria & Eubacteria were these?
Monera & Bacteria
How did Ernste define Biological Species in 1942?
a group of actually or potentially interbreeding natural populations that are reproductively isolated from other such groups
Biological Species
ability to mate and produce fertile offspring
What is it when organisms evolve similar features independently, often because they live in similar habitats?
convergent evolution
What are similar features that evolved through convergent evolution?
Analogous characters
analogous characters
What is evolutionary history of a species?
What is a system of taxonomy that reconstructs phylogonies by inferring relationships based on similarities?
How does Cladistics reconstruct phylogonies?
By inferring relationships based on similarities
why are cladistics used?
Used to determine the sequence in which different groups of organisms evolved
What are unique characteristics found in a particular group of organisms?
derived traits
What is a branching diagram that shows evolutionary relationships among groups of organisms?
A Cladogram use what in its diagram?
patterns of shared derived traits
Who gives varying degrees of importance to characters?
Evolutionary systematics produces what?
A subjective analysis of evolutionary relationships.
What is meant by subjective?
Influenced by personal feelings and opinions
Mr. Nagy or Wagner Biology Chapter 15
cut out and studty
Nagy & Wagner Biology I
Chapter 15
Cut Apart and Study