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What is the result when the sulfur in the atmosphere combines with water vapor?
acid rain
What is the first stage of adressing an environmental problem?
Chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs destroy ozone because ultraviolet radiation breaks the bonds in CFVs and what else?
free chlorine atoms react to destroy ozone
What worldwide efforts to reduce pollution have been made?
1. severe restrictions on the use of DDT
2. taxation and legislation
3. international agreements to stop CFC production
What is happening to the global levels of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide?
They are rising
Label the following as nonreplaceable or replaceable resources:
topsoil groundwater animal and plant species
animal and plant species (NR)
topsoil (NR)
groundwater (NR)
wood (R)
How many years will it take the world's population to double if current birthrates and death rates remain constant?
40 years
From the following countries, which country is population growth most rapid?

Australia, Japan, Nigeria, United States
What is the primary reason plant and animal species are becoming extinct?
loss of habitat
T or F
Even with information obtained by scientific analysis, it is impossible to predict the consequences of environmental intervention.
T or F
Water that is withdrawn from aquifers is quickly replaced.
T or F
Areas in the northeastern United States have been seriously affected by acid rain because they are downwind from coal-burning plants in the Midwest.
T or F
Some levels int he atmosphere over Antarctica in 1985 seemed to be 30 percent higher than the levels found 10 years earlier.
T or F
Latin American countries have lower population growth rates than do the United States or Canada.
T or F
The United States has lost one-fourth of its topsoil since 1950.
T or F
Sources of excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere include burning of fossil fuels and vegetation.
T or F
Once pollution enters ground water, there is no effective means of removing it.
T or F
Chemical pollutants can damage wildlife and pollute ground water.
T or F
Pollution is no longer considered a major problem largely because of increased public concern and stringent regulation in industrialized and developing countries.
T or F
The chemical bonds in carbon dioxide molecules ab sorb solar energy, trapping heat within the atmosphere.
The knowledge of ___________ is the essential tool that a citizen must have in order to contribute to solving our environmental problems.
When the pH of precipitation in the northeastern United States was measured in 1989, it was almost 100 times as____________ as that of the rest of the United States.
What is reaching Earth's surface because of the current conndition of the ozone layer?
UV (ultra violet) radiation
What did power plants install on their smokestacks because of the Clean Air Act of 1990?
What is conserved by washing cars and watering lawns less often and using efficient faucets?
ground water
This is known as the insulating effect of various gases in Earth's atmosphere.
greenhouse effect
Forests are being damaged in the United States and Canada because this is being absorbed by the soil has affected nutrient absorption by the trees.
accid rain
What is the increase in global temperatures called?
global warning
What are 3 examples of chemical pollutants released into the global ecosystem by the agriculture industry?
In the United States, the population __________________________ is less than half the global rate.
growth rate
Since 1650 the ________1____________ has remained constant, and the _________2_____________ has fallen steadily.
1. birth rate

2. death rate
What causes acid rain?
Burning coal or sulfur combines with water and forms acid rain or snow
What two approaches have been most effective in reducing pollution in the United States?
laws and taxes
What is biological magnification
An increase in troxins as you move up the trophic level.
How does the presence of the ozone layer affect life on Earth?
It filters out UV rays.
What happened to the human death rate in the past several hundred years?
the death rate decreased as medicine gets better.
What is the relationship between the greenhouse effect and global warning?
gases allow heat in but not out
Bio 1
Chapter 19
cut apart and study