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The Emergency Drinking Water Supply Bottle has what capacity? Be refilled at least every 30 days by who?
4 ounces.
The aircrewmember.
The 12 ounces Water Bottle (Canteen)may be carried as an optional item. Who refills it?
The aircrewmember.
The bagged water has a Service/Shelf life of what?
5 years from date of manufacture.
The dye marker is exhausted in how long? It is visible at an approximate distance of?
20 to 30 minutes.
10 miles at 3,000 feet altitude.
Each MK-79 MOD 0 and MK-79 MOD 2 cartridge flare has a duration of? And is propelled upward to a height of?
4 1/2 seconds minimum.
250 to 650 feet.
The MK-79 MOD 0 and MK-79 MOD 2 Personnel Distress Signal Kits consist of?
one signal projector MK-31 MOD
0 and a plastic bandolier holding seven screw-in signal cartridges MK-80 MOD 0
The MK-124 MOD 0 signal has two raised bead circles
around its circumference on the flare on which end?
Night end.
The Bailing Sponge is used for what?
To catch rain water, bail a liferaft, for personnel hygiene, and as a fishing lure (a small piece
soaked in animal blood).