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How much does a LPU-23C/P weight and how much buoyancy does it provide?
The LPU-23C/P life preserver assembly weighs four pounds (without survival items) and provides a minimum of 65
pounds buoyancy.
How is the FLU-8B/P Automatic inflation Device activated?
Inflation occurs
when immersion in fresh or salt water activates the
electronic circuit in the sensor housing of the device.
What is the FLU-8B/P sensor plug cap torque?
Torque FLU-8B/P sensor plug cap to 15 lb-in using 3/4-inch
socket and torque wrench.
What is the proper multimeter setting?
Using multimeter set-up to measure dc voltage.
How is the voltage checked in a FLU-8B/P?
Insert the negative (-) test probe into the end
port of the sensor plug. Remove hand. Using the
pointed positive (+) probe, touch and maintain contact
with one of the screw heads near the lever-end
of the inflator.
How is the Weightchecked in a charged CO2 cylinder?
Compare the minimum stamped weight with the scale weight discard and replace cylinder if scale weight is 2 grams
less than minimum stamped weight.
To assure a firm cylinder seat, conduct a cylinder
thread count. How many Treads?
Threaded portion of cylinder neck shall contain a minimum of seven full threads.
Tighten cap nut onto valve stem and torque to
a value of?
8 ± 1 in-lb.
Safety-tie locking pin with?
One turn of size A nylon thread through eye of locking
pin , around packaging cord loop,then under pin.surgeon’s knot followed by a square knot.
Safety-tie beaded inflation handle with?
One turn of size E nylon thread, single. Draw thread sufficiently to permit a 1/2 ± 1/8-inch space between the middle beads and webbing on the preserver.surgeon’s knot followed by a square knot.