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define infant mortality rate
number of deaths in infants from birth to 1 year of age per 1000 live births
why is increased infant mortality
attempting to save more and more premature babies
what is health care tend today (in patient vs out patient)
outpatient r/t recent emphasis on ambulatory and alternative care.
Why is separation from care giver critical in hospital
child is likely to develop seperation anxiety
what are some important education re safety for children?
mainly teach parents to lock up and hide chemicals that are toxic and use child safety gates near stairways, etc. lots of examples in pillitteri.
how take care of pink eye?
bleach sheets, keeps hands from eyes, comfort care, provide distractions such as board games, video games and videos/TV.
What is Amblyopia and how is it treated?
Amblyopia - reduction of central vision in an eye that is normal, also known as “lazy eye” ***CAN BE TREATED AND CURED IF TREATED BY 6 YEARS OLD***
What is #1 def of acute otits media?
An inflammation of the middle ear.
What happens with ear tubes, what is care for?
Some children may have myringotomy tubes inserted to relieve pressure and supply air access to the middle ear. care for tubes is minimal. usually removed around 12-15 years of age.