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biomedical model
wester european/american traditional view of HEALTH as the absence of diseas
nursing dx
used to evaluate the responce of the whole person to actual or potential health problems
tendency to view your own way of life as the most disirable or best, and to act superior to another cultre's lifeways
yin/yang theory
health exists when all aspects of the person are in perfect balance
3 cultral theroy's on views of health and illness
1) biomedical theory
2)naturalistic theory
3)magico-religious theory
T or F
the manifestation and management of pain are embedded in a cultural context
What 6 things should be asked about "History of Present Illness" ?
P. PROVOCATION? what brings it on?

Q. QUALITY/ QUANTITY? how does it look, feel, sound, and how intense is it?

R. REGION? where is it? did it spread?

S. SEVERITY SCALE? how bad is it? is it getting better or worse?

T. TIMING? onset-exactly. when did it first occur? duration, how long? frequency how often does it occur?

U. UNDERSTAND. know what the pt's perception of the problem is, what do you think it means?
imagining that inanimate objencts come alive and have human characteristics
examiner's responce that encourages the pt to say more, to continue with the story
difficulty swallowing
functional assesment measures...
person's self-care ability in the areas of: physical health (ADLs) ie, bathing dressing eating ect. (IADLs) independent activities of daily living like shopping, cooking, cleaning, NUTRITIONAL atatus, SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS AND RESOURCES, SELF-CONCEPT AND COPING, and HOME ENVIRONMENT
the "review of systems" in the health history is
the evaluation of the past and present health state of each body system
four main headings of mental status assessment
Thought processes
the MiniMental state examination concentrates only on _________ and is a valid dector of ___________?

of organic disease, and is a good screening tool for dementia and delirium.

max score of 30, demetia and delirium are 18-23 (mild cognitive impairment) 0-17 is severe cog impairment
rapid shift of emotions