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What is the routine examination of the abdomen?
Inspection,auscultation, palpation
Why do you perform palpation last when examining the abdomen?
Because it may distort the normal abdominal sounds
How do you inspect the contour of the abdomen?
With the child erect and supine
Why do you inspect the contour of the abdomen while the child is in the supine position?
In the supine position the abdomen appears flat
How do you observe peristaltic waves in the stomach?
By standing at the eye level to and across from the abdomen
If a hernia is present what would you do?
Palpate the sac for abdominal contents and estimate the approximate size of the opening
What is an inguinal hernia?
Where there is a protrusion of the peritoneum through the abdominal wall in the inguinal canal
How do you locate a hernia?
Slide the little finger into the external inguinal ring at the base of the scrotum and ask the child to cough
What do you do if the child is too young to cough to check foran inguinal hernia?
Have the child blow up a balloon or laugh to raise the intraabdominal pressure
Which hernia is more common in girls?
Femoral hernia
How do you feel for a femoral hernia?
By placing the index finger of your right hand on the child's right femoral pulse (left hand for left pulse) and the middle ring finger flat against the skin toward the midline
During auscultation what tis the most important finding to listen for?
Peristalsis/bowel sounds, which sound likeu short metallic clicks and gurgles
What are the 2 types of palpation performed on the abdomen?
Superficial and deep
What is superficial palpation
lightly touching almost like a tickle
What is deep palpation
Used for palpating organs and large blood vessels and for detecting massess and tenderness