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Give examples of Agents which cause infection
Bacteria-most signifivant causisng agent.Aerobic(O2)anaerobic;Virus-smallest, colds AIDS;Fungi-mold & yeast present in soil, air, water. yeast infection;athletes foot
What is a reservoir and give example
1.Other humans
2.Animals-rabies in dogs, squirre;s, west nile virus
3.Soil 4. Food 5. Water
6.Milk 7. Inanimate objects
Portals of Exit and Portal of Entry
Exit- point of escape from reservoir
Entry - enter a new host
1. Respiratory
3. Genitourinary tract
4. Breaks in the skin
5. Blood and tissue
Means of Transmission. How disease is spread
1. Direct contact- touching, kissing, sexual intercourse
2.Indirect-touching a contaminated instrument
3. Vectors-mosquitoes, tikcs
4. Airborne-less than 5;cough
5.Droplets-greater than 5
Discuss the susceptability of the host
1. Wound 2. Stress
3. change in pH 4. Fatigue
5.Immunization 6. age, sex, race, hereddity