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Similarities between
Norse and Greek
Both have many Gods and they live in special places mortals cannot go.
Name 2 similarities between Norse and Biblical stories?
Both have a story about creation and both have Giants.
What is unique to Norse Myths?
The Gods can die in their myths.
Give 3 examples of how Norse myths are not like either the Greek myths or Biblical stories.
There are less mortal women, the Underworld is cold, and the home of the God(s) is a serious place not a place to rest and be joyful.
Which set of stories do you like best... give 3 reasons?
Greek mythology.... they have amazingly powerful Gods like Athena and Zeus, the Gods make mistakes we all can learn from, and the Gods sometimes use their power to protect humans.
Which set of stories told us the earth was actually round, dwarves lived under the grund, and elves tended flowers and streams.
Norse mythology.
This was the most beloved of the Norse Gods...and was the God of radience and rebirth?
This group of Gods was used to name the days of the week.
Norse Gods
The Goddess of marriage and motherhood and her symbol is the spinning wheel.
Frigga... married to odin
How were Ymir's body parts used in Norse creation?
His blood==> sea
eyebrows==> great wall to defend mankind.