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Raven iis well known to the community and somtimes provides good things for the people, he is not really accepted by society because he does not care to be a part of the standard social structure. pg. 290 for more
read top to bottom, moving left to right, the story of the myth emerges from this method of reading.
consider each column as a separate unit. read top to bottom only. the meaning of the myth emerges from this meaning
Oediups' "father"
Polybos of Corinth
Oedipus' "mother"
"My mother, MEROPE, was Dorian"
oepipus's wife, but truely his mother
Oediups' "brother in law", becomes the king of thebes after oedipus is exiled
this prophet was struct blind by hera when he issued an oppion unfavorable to her, Kreon summoned him, teri says that Oedipus is the one causing the plague and all that jazz..
"i call to you first holy Athena god's daughter who lives forever and your SISTER, ARTEMIS, who cradles the earth our earth.
Athena is the goddess of wisdom, and partron of the city of Ahtens. She, ARTEMIS, and apollo are viewd as the parton gods of THEBES. Artemis of Esphesos, Capitoline Museus. The statue shows the virgin godess, sis of apollo, covered in bulls' testicles, presumable to emphasize the power dervived from her virgin state. goddess of the HUNT. daughter of Leto and Zeus. associated with moon and virginity. ALSO, "goddess who dances on the mountains" oedipus refers to her on page 228.
we define sytagmmatic as the relationship of the words in a sentence to each other. by contrast, the words that can be PLUGGED into specific point in the sentence have a pradigmatic relationship to each other. the syntagym is the chain of the sentence, and the paradigms consit of the words that can fulfill the same role, say that of the verb in the sentence. the words "ate, lickked , and liked" are members of the same paradigm. further info on page 175
sumerian God, name means "FAITHFUL SON" Epic of Gilgamesh, pg. 159.