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Who was Hesiod?
A Greek farmer and poet who lived around 675 B.C. and claimed that the muses taught him on Mount Helicon.
Who were the Muses?
Goddesses of inspiration in the arts
What was Hesiod's origin of the Cosmos?
From Chaos came Gaia (Ge), Tartaros, Eros, Erebos, Night and Night and Erebos gave birthy to Aether and Day
Who is Gaia?
The land and earth
Depths of the earth below Gaia. It was said that you would fall 10 days before reaching Tartaros
Goddess of sexual energy and desire, catalyst epelling gods to get together
Gloom and blackness surrounding Tartaros
above Gaia
Erebos and Night mate to create what?
Aether and Day
Who is Aether?
Brightness and brillance of day
Who is Day?
Sunlight of day
Who is Ouranos?
Child of Gaia alone. The sky and the heavens.
"A firm foundation for the blessed gods."
Gaia mates with Ouranos to create who?
cyclopes, hundred-handers (Hecatonchires) and the Titans
What is Hieros Gamos?
The Sacred marraige between sky god and earth in nature
What is Anthropomorphism?
Having human shape. Being both abstract (land, sky, etc.) and able to reproduce.