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Who is Isis, What does she do?
Heras Messenger tells Zeus and Poseidon not to fight, because each of them have the same strength.
Who is Perseus, why is he significant?
Perseus was the son of Danae who went to Delphi to find out where the Medusa lived to cut off her head. He recieved a mirror shield from Athena, Hermes sword, winged shoes, and invisibility. Perseus gets the head, shows it to Polydektes which turns them all to stone. Perseus becomes and athlete and throws a discus, hits Akrisios in the head and kills him, his prophecy came true.
Who is Amphutron? Why is he important?
Amphutron is Alkmenes fiance. He kills her father and gets exiled, he tries to win here back. While he is gone, Zeus turns into Amphutron and makes love to Alkmene to get her pregnant. Amphutron comes back and gets Alkmene pregnant also.
Who is Hercules, why is he important?
Hercules is the Son of Zeus with Amphutron. First he goes to Hera, but ends up biting on her nipple. Hercules tries to learn the lire from Leonas and gets annoyed because his hands are too bulky. He kills leonas. He gets exiled, meets king thespius. Thespius only had daughters so Hercules makes some grandsons for him with 50 girls. Orchemeros was a place that Thebes needed to pay every so often with a certain amount of gold or else they would leave thebes with no walls or weapons. Hercules stepped in, when they came to collect he tore their noses and ears off, and sent them back. Hercules was the Thebes "king" hereafter. Hercules makes the orchemenos pay twice as much and rips their walls down. He then meets megara, kills his own two kids and possibly his wife, Megara. He then goes to get his prophecy told, and ends up having to do 10 labors to gain immortality.
Who is Eurustheus?
Hercules brother, scared of him, sheltered prince, needs to do 12 labors instead of 10
What are Hercules 10 Labors?
1) Cut off hydra body from head, buried the head, made poison arrows.
2) Has to clean King Augius stables clean of manuer
3) Goes into slavery for 5 years
4-8) Kills Queen Oopmphele past enemies
9) Makes clothes, but he fails and smashes the loom.
10) Needed to kill a giant
Who is Dejaneira?
This is Hercules lover who he marries, he ends up killing his cup bearer before the wedding and he gets exiled. He needs to cross a river with Dejaneira in order to escape. They meet a centaur named Nessos who gives Dejaneira a ride on his back across the river while Hercules needs to swim. Nessos reaches the end first and decides to rape Dejaneira. Hercules shoots Nessos with poison arrows to kill him. As Nessos is dying, he hands Dejaneira a "Love potion" which is actually his bodily fluid mixed with poison. She believes the fluid will make it so Hercules will only love one woman, her. She sends hercules new clothes with the fluid all over it and its poisons Hercules. He suffers and ends up staying on a Funeral pyre. Some passerby lights it on fire and he gains immortality.
Who is Madea? Why is she so important?
There is a king named Pelias whoes propecy is to be overtaken by one with only one shoe. This person he saw at the local marketplace and his name was Jason. He was the son of Aeson who was the previous king. Pelias sends Jason on a journey to get the golden fleece in order to become king. With the help of a few gods, Jason builds a giant ship to sail across to the island of Kolchis to capture the fleece. The first person that Jason meets while ariving is the Kolchis kings daughter, Madea. Madea falls madly in love with Jason. Madea is a witch. Jason asks king Aeetes if he could marry his daughter and he says Jason has to prove himself by harvesting some wheat. Madea knows that this task will kill Jason without ointment, so Madea gives Jason some medicine. Jason succeeds and they steal the Golden Fleece and escape. Madea goes on the ship with Jason. She kills her own brother. Jason brings the fleece back to Pelias and he wont give up king. Madea makes Pelias daughters kill him and Madea and Jason become King and queen. They find it boring and leave to thebes. Jason falls in love with Kreusa who is King Kreons daughter. He can marry her if it is OK with Madea. Madea finds out and sends Kreusa a deadly gift which kills her. The gift ends up killing the king also, Madea kills her own two kids in front of Jason and she flies off in a dragon chariot.
What was the Vikings main city of trading?
What is Midgaard?
Middle-Earth where humans lived
Who is Ymir?
A Giant who was the progenitor of all living things.
Who is Odin?
-Master of Fury
-Sky God, Justice
-sits on Goldenthrone in Gladsheim. Two ravens, one on each shoulder, two wolves, one by each foot
-Drinks plenty of mead
-Only has one eye because he gave one up to the well of wisdom.
-Wife is Freya
What is Valhalla?
Valhalla is a place for the fallen heroes who have died in battle. Framework is made of spears, Roof crafted of shields
540 doors to fit 800 soldiers through one door. Soldiers here couldnt get hurt, they got restored every night. Endless feast every night of wild boar. Sheep that gave mead instead of milk
Who is Loki?
Loki is the blood brother of odin. Drank the drink of blood (Odins blood and Loki). Evil one, sly, cunning.
Lokis children are:
Hela-ruler of Nephlheim
and Midgaard Serpent.
Who is Thor?
Thor is:
-God of Thunder
-Drives iron wheeled chariot, gloves of iron, grabbed things which could not escape his grasp.
-Belt of iron, tightened belt is double strength.
-Double edged battle axe
-Can make his axe any size
-Super strong
Who is Balder?
Balder is the son of odin. He has dreams of his own death which dreams always come true. Freya wants to save him so she goes to everything in the world and makes them promise not to hurt him. Everything except mistletoe which was a measly little plant. Odin went to aske Hela to keep Baldur safe but Hela said no. Loki found a tiny piece of Mistletoe big enough to put in a dart. Everyone had a party to throw things at balder because nothing could hurt him, until Loki threw the poison dart and killed Balder instantly. Zeus wanted vengeance on Loki and he goes after him. Loki builds a small cabin in the mountains with doors on all side, that way if he gets stuck on one side, he can easily run through the other door. Loki turned into a salmon to swim down the river, and Thor grabbed him with his iron glove. They locked Loki in a cave with a poisonous snake that drips venom onto him and makes him suffer, until Ragnarok.
What is Ragnarok?
Ragnarok is the end of the earth with 12 winters and giants versus the gods.