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To describe someone as Achillean is to mark that person as invincible; Paris toom advantage of this weakness and w/ Apollo's help he delivered the fatal arrow to Achille's heal
To call a man Adonis is to draw attention to his beauty. Aphrodite found him irresistable (he was killed by a boar).
It is a shield of Zeus (orignally a "goatskin"), which thunders when he shakes it; Athena also bore the aegis, often tasseled and w. the head of Medusa affixed, its petrifying power still intact; This divine shield afforded safety and security, and so to be under the aegis of an individual or of an institution is to be favored with protection, sponsorship, or patronage.
A warrior race of solely women from the North who joined battle w/ a terrifying war-cry; they were equal to men on the field; they took foreign husbands as captives, killed their sons, and kept/trained their daughters; In Greek it literally means "w/o breast" which refers to their tradition of cutting off their right breast to make them better archers. The Amazon ant is a species of red ant that captures the offspring of other species and turns them into slaves.
Generally, ambrosial has come to indicate anything fit for the gods or divine provenance or anything delicious or fragant.
According to Hesiod, Aprhodite was born of the foam around the severed genitals of Uranus, a fitting beginning for a divinity whose concern is the sexual. From her name comes the noun aphrodisiac, denoting anything that has the power to excite the sexual passions.
At his chief shrine at Delphi the watchword was "Know thyself," the beginning anf principal aim of human understanding. Apollo is the god of rationality, harmony, and balance, known by the epithet Phoebus, "bright" or "shining," by which he is equated with the sun abd more broadly the order of the cosmos. The adjective apollonian describes that which partakes of the rational and is marked by a sense of order and harmony. Its opposite is dionysian, which desribes unbridled nature, the frenzied and the irrational. These poralities, the apollonian and the dionysian, were recognized as twin aspects of the human psyche.
apple of discord
Marriage of Peleus and Thetis (Achilles' parents); Eris (Strife) was not invited; Eris threw a golden apple into the wedding hall w/ the inscription "for the fairest." Hera, Athena, and Aprhodite all claimed the apple and it was up to Zeus to decide. He refused, giving it to Paris to decide (Hence, "the Judgement of Paris").
the apple of discord describes any action or sitation that causes dissension and turmoil and is more trouble than it is worth.
Judgement of Paris
Paris is bribed by eac: Hera- pol. power; Athena- war prowess; Aphrodite- the most beatiful woman in the world (Helen);
Arcadia is the central mountainous region og the Peloponnese. Often it is described in idyllic terms: the ideal land of rustic simplicity, esp. dear to Hermes, the home of Callisto (the favorite of Artemis);
Was revered by the bucolic poets for its simplicity; Thus Arcadia becomes that imagined primeval terrain, where human beings lived in contentment and harmony w/ the natural world; Arcadian refers to any place or time signifying the simple, rustic, pastoral life of a golden age lost.
It was not until the Flemish cartographer A titan who opposed Zeus in the battle between the Olympians and the earlier generation of Titans; The defeated Titans were condemed to Tartarus, but Atlas was punished with the task of supporting the valt of the heavens upon his shoulders, in order to keep the earth and sky separate.
Gerhardus Mercator (1512-94) depicted on the frontispiece of his atlas the titan carrying the eath that the association became fixed.
Augean Stable/Augean
One of Hercales' Labors was to clean the stable of King Augeas of Elis, which hadn't been cleaned for years and the stench was unbearble; Hercales succeded by diverting the course of two rivers towards the stables;
The term Augean Stables has since become a byword for squalor. Augean describes anything that is extremely filthy or squalid.
aurora australis/borealis
Aurora was the Roman goddess of the dawn (the Greek Eos); The sons of Aurora and the titan Astraeus were the four winds: Boreas (north), Notus (SW), Eurus (the east), Zephyrus (west); Hence, the northern lighs are called aurora borealis and in the South aurora australis (Auster being the Roman name for the SW wind)
He is usually rep. in the midst of a retinue of female worshipers, known as maenads, bacchae, or bacchants (the fem/sg=bacchante; male/sg=bacchant (pl. bacchants). He is also attended by the lecherous satyrs (half-man half-animal).
Dionysiac rites among the Romans became known as Bacchanalia, and the somtime extreme behavior of the initiates provoked the Roman Senate to outlaw them in 186 BC.
Thus we derive words bacchanal and bacchanalia to refer to any debauched party or celebration; Bacchanal, bacchant, bacchante, and bacchae can be used to characterize an overzealous partygoer; The adj. bacchalian and bacchic describe any exuberant, drunken revelry.