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Hera, goddess of? Roman counterpart?
marrage & chid birth; Juno
Zeus, God of? Roman counterpart?
Justist; Jupiter
Poseidon, God of? Roman counterpart?
the sea; Neptune
Hades, God of? Roman counterpart?
the Underworld=kingdom of the dead; Pluto
Demeter, Goddess of? Roman counterpart?
the harvest; Ceres
Hestia, goddess of? Roman counterpart?
the Hearth; Vesta
Athena, Goddess of? Roman counterpart?
war, wisdom & tradagy; Minerva
Aphrodite, Goddess of? Roman counterpart?
love; Venus
Ares, God of? Roman counterpart?
war/vilence; Mars
Hephaestus, God of? Roman counterpart?
fire, pottery, & metal; Vulcan
Artemis, Goddes of? Roman counterpart?
moon & hunt; Diana
Apollo, God of? Roman counterpart?
music; Apollo
Hermes, God of? Roman counterpart?
thefe & money makes; Mercury
-perfect athlete
-son of Zeus
cut Medusa's head off
King of Athens
retrieved The Golden Fleece
"the Creation Myth"
how everything was created
"Pandora's Box"
how everything bad in the world came to be, and why.
"The Seven Pomegranate Seeds"
how the seasons were created
"The Spinning Contest"
strongest person, & killed children and wife
"Perseus and the Gorgon (Medusa)"
gave the head of Medusa to a guy in exchange of his mother
"Icarus and Daedelus"
Father, an inventor, had a klumse kid. A child kissed by the gods came told the father about flying. Father killed child. The inventor and son built wings and flew off. Son flew to high wings fell apart and he died.
"Echo and Narcissus"
Echo alway got the last word in everything, a goddess sentenced her, so she could only echo what people say. Echo fell in love with Narcissus, who dislikes all woman who liked him. Same goddess sentenced him to beable to only love himself. Both died alone. Narcissus became a flower, Echo died in caves and dark shadowy places, her voice only lives today.