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Ruler of the gods
Queen of th the gods
wife/sister of Zeus
goddess of marriage and childbirth
god of light, poetry, and the sun
God of the sea, earthquakes, horses
messenger of the gods
blacksmith of the gods
god of fire
god of metal work
God of wine
God of wild behavior
God of the underworld
ruler of the titans
father of Zeus
god of time
god of love
goddess of agriculture
goddess of hunting
goddess of the moon
goddess of wisdom
Goddess of love
goddess of beauty
God of War
created man
fought on the side of Zeus
stole fire from Vulcan and gave it to man against Zeus's orders
His punishment-chanined to a rock forever-each day an eagle would tear out his liver and each night it would grow back
Prometheus's brother
given Pandora as a bride
Zeus gives them a box as a wedding gift-not to be opened
(all gifts)
1st woman created by Vulcan
by Zeus's request as punishment for Prometheus's crime
opens forbidden box thus releasing all the ills and diseases known to humans-all that remained was hope
ferryman who rowed the dead across the River Styx to Hades
payment- gold coin in mouth
without gold coin 100 years of wandering in the Underworld
River Styx
river in the Underworld that had to be crossed to get into Hades
3-headed dog who guards the gates of Hades
handsome youth who loved only himself, ignored Echo's affection
fell in love with his own reflection
gods turned him into a flower
many corridors arranged like a maze. one is easily confused and disoriented
monster who is half man, half bull
demands human sacrifices
lives inside the labyrinth
anyone who attempt to kill him gest lost in t he labyrinth and is then devoured by him
agrees to go in and kill the Minotaur
is told to unwind a ball of string as he goes so he can find his way out
Mt. Olympus
where the gods/goddesses live
slays Medusa by looking at her reflection of his shield
Zeus's first wife
He is warned that she will have an offspring freater that the father
swallows her
incurs Zeus's anger when he tattles
Thanatos (god of death) sent to take him to Hades but is tricked and imprisoned- mortals cease to die
Hades sent to release Thanatos who again looks for Sisyphus. tell his wife not to perform funeral rites=Hades sends S. back to world to punish his wife, thus tricking the gods again
punishment sent to Tartaurs for all eternity to pus a stone just as it is about to reach the hill it rolls down again
son of Zeus-very wealthy
invited to eat w/gods thus becoming immortal, but steal nectar and ambrosia, revelas secrets of gods and serves them the body of his own son.
punishment condemned to Tartaurs immersed up to his chin in water that receds when he tires to drink, branches w fruit above his head move away when he reaches for them (tantalize)
Elysian Fields
if 3 judges of the Underworld decided someone had led a pure life ( rare) they'd be sent here
land of song, sunlight, sweet, cool air, flowers and meadows
Heracles (Hercules)
m Alcmene f. Zeus
Alcmene faithful to husband so Zeus changes to look like him
Hera jealous send 2 serpents to attack babies to find out which is Zeus's child-Heracles strangles them
Hera casts a spell of madness & he murders his beloved wife/children
12 Labors of Heracles (impossible deeds) is forgiven
Heracles brought up to Mt.Olympus
married to Poseidon
beautiful young maiden whose hair rivals Athena's
punishment hair becomes snakes and anyone who looks at her turns to stone
killed by Persueus
Pegasus (winged horse) springs from her severed neck
beautiful young maiden turned inot a 6 headed monter who pulls sailors off passing ships
lives on 1 side of the Straits of Messia
deadly whirlpool on other side of Straits of Messina
monstrous daughter of Poseidon
m. beautiful sea-nymph Thetis
Zeus and Poseidon lover her but are warned that her son will be greater than the father
marry her off to Peleus
she has the gift of foresight and sees that her son will die in Troy
dipped him in River Styx to make him invulnerable
he dies when Paris's arrow hits him in the heel (Achilles heel)
drink/food of the gods
drink of the gods
Titan whose punishment is to hold up the sky upon his shoulders
beautiful young maiden who stalled Hera by talking -Zeus was able to escape back to Mt. Olympus
punishment never able to speak an original thought -could only repeat the final 2 or 3 words of someone else