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Lesson 18
We like to look out at the ________ ocean.
This year the weather was perfect for growing crops, so we had a ________ harvest.
My brother is tall in ________ and can easily reach the top shelf.
Janet could not study because of the ______________ noise from the television.
My __________ are to clean my room and finish my homework.
The cat ______________ when she heard the car in the driveway.
My mother says our dog is very ___________ at avoiding baths.
Janelle ______________ deleted files from the computer.
Lesson 19
Jordan and Carrie __________ over Karen’s misfortune.
Mom __________ we leave early.
Doctors try to comfort the ___________ parents of sick children.
The students _________ raised their hands to answer a question.
Gina waited _________ to go on stage for her solo.
The Eiffel Tower looks ___________ at night.
All the guests ________ they had never eaten a better meal.
Lesson 20
The repairman ___________ a piece of equipment.
Did the riddle ________ you?
Jenna ________ when she hears good news.
The sky looked _________ before the storm.
Mom and Dad _________ our growth on a wall chart.
Connie’s _____________________ lets her play the violin without getting nervous.
If you do not wear a seatbelt, you will ________ yourself to danger.
It is ________ to offer your seat to someone else.
I felt ____________ when I had a cold.
I see dark clouds ________ in the distance.