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Is a crowded stage full of supernumeraries?
Yes,a crowded stage has an over(super) number (numer) of people.
Is zoophobia the love of animals?
No, coophobia is the fear(fear)of animals(zo).
Does an osteologist know much about the human skeleton?
Yes, an osteologist is a scientist(logi) who studys bones(osteo).
Is a yearbook a retrospective book?
Yes, because you look (spec)backward(retro)in time.
Are vociferous questions loud?
Yes,a vociferous question is full of (ous) voice(voc).
Is a mountian road tortous or torturous?
Yes, a mountian road is tortuous,because it is full of (ous) twists(tort).
Are most religions in the United States monotheistic?
Yes, most religions believe in one (mono) god(theo).
Is a harsh screech an example of cacophony?
Yes, a harsh screech is a bad (caco) sound(phon).
Is a colloquy a conversation?
Yes, because you talk(loqu) together(co).
Is a canidate for the presidency a apolitical person?
No, because the canidate is not (a) political.