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Duration of colonization of Spanish in Philippines
333 years
Philippines's islands which was conquered in 1565
Capital of Philippines
2 reasons of colonization of Spanish in Philippines
1. To have a share in the spice trade
2. To spread Christianity
Head of the Spanish government
Name for the divided Philippines's villages
Define Encomienda system
Filipino villages were forced to work and pay tribute to the encomiendro
Define Polo system
System of forced labour
Define Vandala system
System of forced deliveries
3 effects of Spanish administration
1. Starvation
2. Escapism
3. Revolution against Spanish
Define Nationalism
The need to achieve independence from foreign rule and the efforts to achieve it
One example of nationalist movement in the Philippines
Propaganda movement
One of the members of the Propaganda movement
Jose Rizal
2 Actions taken to achieve Propaganda's aims
Wrote articles in newspaper and journals about the cruelty of the Spanish
Another nationalist movement formed in 1862
Filipino League
Aim of the Filipino league
To improve the social, economic and political status of the Filipino
Date of the exile of Jose Rizal
June 1892
Location of the exile of Jose Rizal
2 examples of non-violent nationalist movement in the Philippines
1. Propaganda
2. Filipino League
Founder of Katipunan
Andres Bonifacio
Date of the foundation of Katipunan
July 1892
2 aims of the Katipunan
1. To overthrow the Spanish by revolution
2. To get independence from the Spanish
Year of Katipunan's organization of a revolution against Spanish
Reason for the execution of Jose Rizal
For being accused to be involved in the revolution
The person who led a Cavite Revolution
Emilio Aguinaldo
President of Revolutionary government
Emilio Aguinaldo
Year of election of Aguinaldo as President of Revolutionary government
Name of the pact which was signed by Spanish with the Philippines
Pact of Biacnabato
Date of the signature of Pact of Biacnabato
December 1877
2 terms of Pact of Biacnabato
1. Aguinaldo was to resign from the Presidency of the Revolutionary Government and to stay in exile
2. Spanish promised to pay Aguinaldo and the farmers