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be par for the course
to be just what you would expect to happen or expect sb to do in a particular situation: Starting early and working long hours is par for the course in this job.

looking pale and weak: his grey, wan face She gave me a wan smile (= showing no energy or enthusiasm). the wan sunlight of a winter's morning
1 to become, or make sth become, twisted or bent out of its natural shape, for example because it has become too hot, too damp, etc: The window frames had begun to warp.
2 to influence sb so that they begin to behave in an unacceptable or shocking way: His judgement was warped by prejudice.
cue ~ (for sth)| ~ (to do sth)
1 an action or event that is a signal for sb to do sth: Jon's arrival was a cue for more champagne. I think that's my cue to explain why I'm here. v-Can you cue me when you want me to begin speaking?
2 a few words or an action in a play that is a signal for another actor to do sth: She stood in the wings and waited for her cue to go on.
small balls of coloured glass that children roll along the ground in a game
2 a game played with marbles: Three boys were playing marbles.
3 a way of referring to sb's intelligence or mental ability: He's losing his marbles (= he's not behaving in a sensible way).
anger (wrath): to arouse / raise / provoke the ire of local residents, to draw the ire of local residents
1 extreme anger that often includes violent behaviour: Her eyes blazed with fury. Fury over tax increases (= as a newspaper headline). There was no shelter from the fury of the storm.
2 a state of being extremely angry about sth: He flew into a fury when I refused.
quiet, gentle, and always ready to do what other people want without expressing your own opinion: They called her Miss Mouse because she was so meek and mild. They hung their heads in meek submission.
a sore red mark on sb's skin where they have been hit: His back was covered in weals and bruises.
1 the number 0, especially as the score in some games: Newcastle beat Leeds four nil / by four goals to nil.
2 nothing: The doctors rated her chances as nil (= they did not exist).
a shade or small amount of a particular colour; a faint colour covering a surface: leaves with red and gold autumn tints, the brownish tint of an old photo
1 a small building or an enclosed area where pigs are kept
2 an infection of the eyelid (= the skin above or below the eye) which makes it red and sore
on the lam
escaping from sb, especially from the police: He was recaptured after four months on the lam.
below / under par
less well, good, etc. than is usual or expected: I may take tomorrow off if I'm still feeling under par. Teaching in some subjects has been well below par.
pall ~ (on sb)(verb)
to become less interesting to sb over a period of time because they have done or seen it too much: Even the impressive scenery began to pall on me after a few hundred miles.
tad (a tad-adv.)
a very small amount: Could you turn the sound down just a tad?
It's a tad too expensive for me.
wrest sth from sb/sth
1 to take sth such as power or control from sb/sth with great effort: They attempted to wrest control of the town from government forces.
2 to take sth from sb that they do not want to give, suddenly or violently: He wrested the gun from my grasp.
1 eke sth out
2 ~ a living, etc.
1 to make a small supply of sth such as food or money last longer by using only small amounts of it: She managed to eke out her student loan till the end of the year.
2 to manage to live with very little money: For years he eked out a miserable existence in a dreary bedsit in Bristol.
nub - the ~ (of sth)
the central or essential point of a situation, problem, etc: The nub of the matter is that business is declining. She's too selfish to help. That's the nub.
a person in a university who is in charge of a department of studies: the dean of the Faculty of Medicine
bucket- a round open container with a handle, used for carrying or holding liquids, sand, etc
hoar frost
a layer of small pieces of ice that look like white needles and that form on surfaces outside when temperatures are very low
to feel bad about sth that happened or sth that you did because it had bad results
(regret): He rued the day they had bought such a large house.
an agreement between enemies or opponents to stop fighting for an agreed period of time; the period of time that this lasts: to call / break a truce
to have a particular opinion about sth (consider): The evening was deemed a great success. I deem it an honour to be invited. She deemed it prudent not to say anything. They would take any action deemed necessary.
pall (noun)

1 ~ of sth a thick dark cloud of sth: a pall of smoke / dust News of her death cast a pall over the event.
2 a cloth spread over a coffin (= a box used for burying a dead person in)
to put sth somewhere quickly, quietly or secretly: Anna slipped her hand into his. He slipped the letter back into its envelope. She slipped her head around the door. I managed to slip a few jokes into my speech. I managed to slip in a few jokes. They'd slipped the guards some money. They'd slipped some money to the guards.
(a student slips a note to another one)

1 to cause problems for sb/sth: They discussed the problems ailing the steel industry.
2 (old use) to make sb ill/sick: What is ailing you?
(in golf) the number of strokes a good player should need to complete a course or to hit the ball into a particular hole: a par five hole Par for the course is 72. She went round the course in three under (= three strokes less than) par.
any of the points or sharp parts of, for example, a fork or a deer's antlers