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a clever and dishonest plan for making money: an insurance scam
criticizing sb/sth in an unkind and indirect way: snide comments / remarks
glisten (of sth wet)
to shine: Her eyes were glistening with tears. Sweat glistened on his forehead. The road glistened wet after the rain.
bolster ~ sb/sth (up)
to improve sth or make it stronger: to bolster sb's confidence / courage / morale Falling interest rates may help to bolster up the economy.

appearing rude because very few words are used, or because sth is done in a very quick way: a curt reply A curt note of rejection arrived from the company director. His tone was curt and unfriendly.
1 to let saliva (= liquid) come out of your mouth
dribble: The dog was drooling at the mouth.
2 ~ (over sb/sth) to show in a silly or exaggerated way that you want or admire sb/sth very much: teenagers drooling over photos of movie stars
1 ~ (to do sth) happening or done quickly and immediately; doing sth quickly: swift action / progress a swift decision / glance He rose to his feet in one swift movement. The White House was swift to deny the rumours.
2 moving very quickly; able to move very quickly: a swift current / runner
1 (of memories, a description, etc.) producing very clear pictures in your mind: vivid memories / dreams He gave a vivid account of his life as a fighter pilot.
2 (of light, colours, etc.) very bright: vivid blue eyes the vivid colours and patterns of her designs
3 (of sb's imagination) able to form pictures of ideas, situations, etc. easily in the mind
1 a thing, person or situation that is annoying or causes trouble or problems: I don't want to be a nuisance so tell me if you want to be alone. I hope you're not making a nuisance of yourself. It's a nuisance having to go back tomorrow. What a nuisance!
2 behaviour by sb that annoys other people and that a court of law can order the person to stop: He was charged with causing a public nuisance.
1 ~ (of sth) a smell, especially one that you only smell for a short time: a whiff of cigar smoke He caught a whiff of perfume as he leaned towards her.
2 ~ (of sth) a slight sign or feeling of sth: a whiff of danger / fear / success
strange and frightening: a spooky old house a spooky atmosphere / feeling I was just thinking about her when she phoned. Spooky!
using few words and often not seeming polite or friendly: a terse voice / style The President issued a terse statement denying the charges.