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window sill (also sill, window ledge)
a narrow shelf below a window, either inside or outside: Place the plants on a sunny window sill.
dirty or untidy: He looked a little scruffy. She was wearing a scruffy pair of jeans.
despondent (about sth)|(over sth)
sad, without much hope: She was becoming increasingly despondent about the way things were going. There are times when it is hard not to feel despondent.
dote on / upon sb
to feel and show great love for sb, ignoring their faults: He dotes on his children.
1 to walk slowly without lifting your feet completely off the ground: He shuffled across the room to the window. The line shuffled forward a little.
2 to move from one foot to another; to move your feet in an awkward or embarrassed way: Jenny shuffled her feet and blushed with shame.
snuggle ~ (up to sb/sth)
to get into, or to put sb/sth into, a warm comfortable position, especially close to sb: The child snuggled up to her mother. He snuggled down under the bedclothes. She snuggled closer. He snuggled his head onto her shoulder.
1 if a dog wags its tail, or its tail wags, its tail moves from side to side several times
2 to shake your finger or your head from side to side or up and down, often as a sign of disapproval
tousle (tousled)
to make sb's hair untidy:
a boy with blue eyes and tousled hair
to walk somewhere slowly when you are tired and unwilling: We spent the afternoon traipsing around the town.
trip sb up
to make a mistake; to deliberately make sb do this: Read the questions carefully, because the examiners sometimes try to trip you up. (a question which would trip up a NS)
1 to throw sth out of a moving plane or ship to make it lighter: to jettison fuel
2 to get rid of sth/sb that you no longer need or want: He was jettisoned as team coach after the defeat.
3 to reject an idea, belief, plan, etc. that you no longer think is useful or likely to be successful
to touch and move your hand gently over sb/sth, especially in a sexual way, or in order to show love (caress)
very many: I've told this story umpteen times.
qua /kwei/
as sth; in the role of sth: The soldier acted qua soldier, not as a human being.