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reek ~ (of sth)
1 to smell very strongly of sth unpleasant: His breath reeked of tobacco.
2 to suggest very strongly that sth unpleasant or suspicious is involved in a situation: Her denials reeked of hypocrisy.
marvel (noun)

1 a wonderful and surprising person or thing: the marvels of nature / technology
2 (marvels) [pl.] wonderful results or things that have been achieved: The doctors have done marvels for her.
1 the side or part of sth that provides shelter against the wind: We built the house in the lee of the hill. a lee slope / shore
2 (lees) the substance that is left at the bottom of a bottle of wine, a container of beer, etc.
marvel (at sth) (verb)
to be very surprised or impressed by sth: Everyone marvelled at his courage.
1 a serious disagreement between people that stops their relationship from continuing: The rift within the party deepens. a serious marriage rift Efforts to heal the rift between the two countries have failed.
2 a large crack or opening in the ground, rocks or clouds: Through a rift in the clouds we could see a beautiful blue sky. The volcano was in a remote area of the northern rift, accessible only by helicopter.
awkward when dealing with people and often saying or doing the wrong thing: a gauche schoolgirl / manner
leer ~ (at sb)
to look or smile at sb in an unpleasant way that shows an evil or a sexual interest in them
He looked at her with an evil leer.
not seeming reasonable or likely to be true: a highly implausible claim / idea / theory Her explanation is not implausible.
1 ~ (at sth) to look at sth quickly and secretly because you should not be looking at it: No peeking! I couldn't resist peeking in the drawer. She peeked at the audience from behind the curtain.
2 ~ out / over / through, etc. to be just visible: Her feet peeked out from the end of the blanket. A toe peeked through the hole in his sock.
extremely unpleasant (disgusting): a revolting smell a revolting little man