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chuckle (at / about sth)
to laugh quietly
She chuckled at the memory.
having practical knowledge and understanding of sth; having common sense
savvy shoppers / travellers
More people are cholesterol savvy today than five years ago.
1 (of a place) empty and without people, making you feel sad or frightened: a bleak and desolate landscape
2 very lonely and unhappy: The thought that her husband did not want the baby made her feel utterly desolate.
1 ~ (sth) (up) (into sth) to crush sth into folds; to become crushed into folds: She crumpled the letter up into a ball and threw it on the fire. This material crumples very easily.

2 ~ (up) if your face crumples, you look sad and disappointed, as if you might cry: Her face crumpled up and she burst into tears.

3 ~ (up) to fall down in an uncontrolled way because you are injured, unconscious, drunk, etc.
entice ~ sb (into doing sth)
to persuade sb/sth to go somewhere or to do sth, usually by offering them sth: The bargain prices are expected to entice customers away from other stores. The animal refused to be enticed from its hole. Try and entice the child to eat by offering small portions of their favourite food. a plan to entice mothers back to work