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access X
access to
Ex: The company has access to large capital reserves.
Act X
Act as
Ex: The poison pill in the contract acts as a preventative measure against hostile takeovers.
Allows X
allows for
EX: The design of the robot arm allows for great flexibility.
Ex: Chocolate tastes as good as ice cream.
associate X
associate with

Ex: He associates beer with potato chips.
attribute X
attribute to

Ex: The poor first quarter results are attributed to the restructuring.
a responsibility X
a responsibility to
Ex: The CEO has a fiduciary responsibility to all shareholders.
a result X
a result of
Ex: The recent Nasdaq decline is a result of higher interest rates.
a sequence of
a sequence of
Ex: The Sumerian text was a sequence of incomprehensible symbols.
Agree X
agree with

Ex: The Teamsters do not agree with the Republicans on many issues.
Used when discussing more than two items.
Ex: He was the finest policeman among the hundreds of rookies
as good as/or better than
as good as/or better than
Ex: The new software is as good as or better than anything on the market.
as great as
as great as
Ex: The new house looks as great as I had hoped.
attend X (someone)
attend to (someone)
Ex: The emergency room doctor attended to the injured victim
attribute A X B
attribute A to B
Ex: We attribute the results to the new management.
attributed X B
attributed to B
Ex: The extinction of the dinosaurs has been attributed to an asteroid collision.
based X
based on
Ex: The results are based on a comprehensive ten year study.
Begin X
begin to
Ex: He will begin to study twelve hours before the test.
believe A to X B
believe A to be B
Ex: After seeing the flying saucer, I believe UFOs to be a real phenomenon
between Used when discussing two things (if there are more than two, then use among instead).
Ex: He could not decide between Corn Flakes and Raisin Bran.
Care X
care about
Ex: How much do business schools care about your score?
centers X + noun
centers on + noun
Ex: The GMAT centers on the knowledge of basic math and writing/reading skills.
choose X
choose to
Ex: The number of students who choose to go to business school has increased in the last ten years.
Consistent X
consistent with
Ex: Your grades are not consistent with your abysmal GMAT scores.
Contend X
contend that
Ex: He contends that the GMAT has a cultural bias.
consider + noun
consider + noun
Ex: How important do you consider the test?
continue X
continue + to

Ex: If you continue to study, you will succeed.
Contrast A X B
contrast A with B
Ex: If you contrast A with B, you can see the difference.
Convert X
convert to
Ex: You may convert muscle to fat if you study too much.
Compare A X B (similarities)
compare A to B. Compare to stresses similarities.
Ex: The music critic favorably compared him to Bob Dylan.
Compare A X B (diffrences)
compare A with B. Compare with stresses differences. EX: Broccoli is good for you compared with ice cream.
Count X + noun
count on + noun
Ex: He counts on management support
Concerned X
concerned with
Ex: They are concerned with investor relations more than actual profitability.
Conform X
conform to
Ex: When you work at a new company, you should try to conform to its corporate culture.
Decide X
decide to
Ex: We decided to continue.
Decide X (2)
decide on
Ex:We decided on the new format.
Depend X
depend on
Ex: The global economy depends on improving productivity.
Diffrent X
different from
Ex: The CAT is very different from the paper and pencil GMAT.
Difficult to
difficult to
Ex: Many students find the CAT difficult to take.
Distinguish between A X B
distinguish between A and B Ex: Distinguish between domestic and international production.
Distinguish A X B
distinguish A from B
Ex: Juries must attempt to distinguish truth from falsehood.
depends X whether
depends on whether
Ex: Our place in the playoffs depends on whether we win tonight.
is essential X + noun
to be + essential to + noun Ex: Speed is essential to success in the Internet marketplace
Except X
except for
Ex: He did well on the GMAT, except for the sentence construction questions
flee (fled) X
flee from
Ex: The convict fled from the country.
Grow (Grew) X
grow from
Ex: Dell Computer grew from a start-up to a Fortune 500 company in less than fifteen years.
Grow (grew) out X
grow out of
Ex; Needless to say, they quickly grew out of their first office.
help + noun + to
help + noun + to
Ex: Their direct business model helped them to grow rapidly.
Indicate X
indicate that
Ex: Dell's recent stock trouble may indicate that their growth will not continue to be as rapid.
Invest X
invest in
He is too risk-averse to invest in the stock market.
Identical X
identical with
Ex: His DNA is identical with his twin's.
In contrast X
in contrast to
Ex: The candidate claims to support tax cuts, in contrast to his prior statements.
independent from
Ex: The Federal Reserve Board is supposed to be independent from political considerations.
Indifferent X
indifferent towards
Ex: Some countries are indifferent towards human rights.
Leads X
leads to
Ex: Rapid growth often leads to problems.
Like = direct comparison only
like Usually used only for direct comparison: He walks like Joe walks.
Localized X
localized in
Ex: Most Internet venture capital is localized in a few areas of the world.
Mistook Someone (or Something) X
mistook + noun + for
Ex: I mistook you for an old friend.
Modeled X
modeled after Ex: The judicial building is modeled after the Parthenon.
more than ever
more than ever
Ex: Companies demand MBA graduates now more than ever.
native X
native to
Ex: There is a unique business culture native to the U.S.
A native X
a native of
Ex: It infects those who are not even a native of America.
need X
need to
ex: Living in New York City is an experience everyone needs to try.
It is necessary X
to be + necessary + to
Ex: It is necessary to get a high GMAT score to get into Stanford.
Ex:Neither Tom nor Sam has the necessary skills to finish the job.
not only...but also
not only...but also
Ex: Stanford not only has the highest GMAT average, but also the highest GPA.
Prohibit X + gerung (ex: using)
prohibit from + gerund
Ex: You are prohibited from using a calculator on test day.
Potentiel X
potential to
ex: A graduate of a top business school has the potential to make over $100,000.
range from A to B
range from A to B
Ex: The GMAT scores at top business schools will range from 650 to 750.
Refer X
refer to
ex: If you have any more questions, you should refer to a grammar book.
regard X
regard as
Ex: Wharton's finance program is regarded as the finest in the world.
require something X
require + noun + to
ex: You require a GMAT score to go to most U.S. business schools.
Rivaly between X and Y
rivalry between X and Y
Ex: The rivalry between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees is one of the most celebrated in professional sports.
Responsible X
responsible for
Ex: The manager is responsible for seven entry level employees.
retroactive X
retroactive to
Ex: The tax policy change is retroactive to last year.
Save X
Save means Except
save for
Ex: Save for William, no one else passed the exam.
save X
Save = rescue
save from
Ex: Many people use business school to save them from dull jobs.
so A X Y
so that So should not be used as an adjective: GMAT preparation is so... boring. Use it with "that." This guide is designed so that you may raise your score.
subscribe X
subscribe to
Ex: Business school students should subscribe to the Wall Street Journal.
tie X
tie to

Ex: The contract should be tied to concessions.
trasmit X
transmit to
ex: The communications system will transmit to anyone within range.
Used X
used + infinitive
ex: Japan used to be the model industrial economy.
to be + used to + gerund
to be + used to + gerund
Ex: After five practice tests, he was used to the GMAT CAT format.
Aimed X
Aimed at
Fit X (when refering to suitabiliy)
Fit for
the rates X loans
the rates FOR loans
In danger X VerbING
In danger OF VerbING
estimated X
estimated TO BE