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What is the data transfer rate of SATA 2?
300 MBps
What is the data transfer rate of SATA 3?
600 MBps
What is the data transfer rate of SATA?
150 MBps
How many pins on the SATA Connector?
7 pin data connector and 15 pin power connector
What drive has a Master/Slave arrangement?
What is the connector on a PATA Drive?
40 pin connector with 80 conductors
What is the max cable length of a PATA drive?
Which IDE can handle up to 137 GB drive?
Which IDE drive can handle more than 137 GB of Data?
What is the pin arrangement on a SCSI connector?
50/68/80 pins
what is speed of SCSI-1?
3.5-5 MBps
What is cable length of SCSI-1?
25 Meters
What is data transfer rate of SCSI-2?
10-20 MBps
What is the cable length of SCSI-2?
3 Meters
What is the data transfer rate of SCSI-3?
What is the data transfer rate of Ultra SCSI-2
80 MBps
Which SCSI was the first to be called ULTRA?
What is the data transfer rate of ULTRA SCSI-3?
160 MBps
What is the data transfer rate of Ultra-320 SCSI?
320 MBps
What is the data transfer rate of Ultra-640 SCSI?
640 MBps
What is the capacity of a DVD?
4.7 GB
What is the capacity of a Blu-Ray disc?
25 GB
What is the capacity of a CD-ROM?
700 MB
What does SAN stand for and what is it?
Storage Area Network. Multiple HDD's across multiple computers, but looks like 1 drive to you.
What does NAS stand for and what is it?
Network Attached Storage. 1 device with multiple HDD's in it that multiple computers access.
Which RAID setup is for fault tolerance?
What format does RAID 1 use to copy data?
Mirroring or Duplexing
What data format does RAID 5 use?
Striping with Parity
Which RAID is for performance with no fault tolerance?
What does RAID stand for?
Redundant Array of Independent Disks
What does SCSI stand for?
Small Computer Systems Interface
What does IDE stand for?
Integrated Drive Electronics
What does EIDE stand for?
Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics
What does UDMA stand for?
Ultra Direct Memory Access
What does ATA stand for?
Advanced Technology Attachment
What does SCSI stand for?
Small Computer Systems Interface
The ISA bus has how many data lines?
8 bit or 16 bit data lanes
What does PCI stand for?
Peripheral Component Interconnect
What is the bus speed of PCI?
33-66 Mhz
What technique does PCI employ?
32 bit Bus Mastering
What is the speed of data on PCI?
133 MBps
What is the speed of AGP?
266 MBps
What is the bus size on AGP?
32 bit
What does AGP stand for?
Accelerated or Advanced Graphics Port
What is speed of AGP 2X?
533 MBps
What is the speed of AGP 4X?
1.07 GBps
What is the speed of AGP 8X?
2.1 GBps
What is special about how AGP accesses memory?
It directly accesses RAM and does not have to go thru video ram first.
How many lanes does a PCIe have?
16 Lanes
What is speed of PCIe version 1x
250 MBps at 4GBps of bandwidth
What is speed of PCIe version 2X?
500 MBps at 8 GBps of bandwidth
What is speed of PCIe version 3X?
1 GBps at 16 GBps of bandwidth
What is another name for a PC Card?
How many pins does a PC Card have?
68 pin dual row
What is special about a Type II PC card?
Uses a Dongle
What is a Type III PC Card used for?
What is a Type I PC card used for?
Memory devices
What is thickness of a Type 1 PC card?
3.3 mm thick
What is thickness of a Type II PC Card?
5.0/5.5 mm thick
What is thickness of Type III PC Card?
10.5 mm thick
How many pins does a DVI-D connector have?
24 pins plus a grounding slot
How many pins does a DVI-I connector have?
same as DVI-D(24) plus 4 additional for analog signals. So a total of 28.
What is a DB15 connector used for?
VGA connector
Can you change the resolution on a LCD?
No. It has a single fixed resolution called a "native resolution."
Which type of monitor utilizes TFT?
What is TFT?
Thin Film Transistor. Uses one transistor per pixel in LCD and all transistors are powered.
What is Passive Matrix?
Used in LCD's where only every other transistor is powered.
What is a KVM?
Keyboard Video Mouse Switch
What is difference in an online UPS and a standby UPS?
The online supplies power to system from batteries all the time. The Standby supplies power from batteries only when a power outage occurs.
What class laser is an Optical Drive?
Class 1
Which software can be used to diagnose the system board?
Which software can be used to diagnose the modem?
Performance Monitor or Device Manager
Which tool kit would contain soldering tools?
Circuit board tool kit
Which toolkit would contain Cable crimpers or cable testers?
Network tool kit
What are the 5 files located in the system32 folder?
What are the main subtrees or "hives" in the registry?
What are the two ways to view the Registry Keys?
Which is a blank customizable Console...Microsoft Management Console or Computer Management Console?
Microsoft Management Console
How do you get to the CMC(Computer Management Console)?
right click on My Computer, then click Manage
In Computer Management, what are the sub items called?
What signifies an administrative share folder?
It will have a $ at the end of the filename.
What are the 3 levels of permissions on shared folders in Windows?
Full Control
What are the 6 standard NTFS permissions you can assign to folders and drives?
List Folder Contents
Read & Execute
Full Control
What are the 5 standard NTFS permissions you can assign to files?
Read & Execute
Full Control
What NTFS permission gives you the delete option?
Which two permissions in NTFS gives you access to lower level permissions?
Modify & Full Control
Which file system is broken up into 64kb clusters?
FAT(File Allocation Table)
Which file system is broken up into 32kb clusters?
FAT 32
What does NTFS stand for?
New Technology File System
What is the size of the clusters in NTFS?
4kb clusters
What is the smallest unit that a system will use to store a file?
What happens to the left over space in a cluster after data has been written on it?
It is wasted space and cannot be used.
What is the smallest unit that the drive is organized into?
What are the standard attributes on Windows files and folders?
Read Only

"every file can get a RASH."
What file attribute is reset after a full backup?
The Archive attribute
What is the .msi file?
Microsoft Installer
what is a .com file?
A Command file or compiled application file
What is the file extension for a small text file containing a list of system commands?
What is the command to hide a file?
attrib +h
which command takes you to the root?
The Apple Macintosh operating system is a derivative of what operating system?
Name a couple Mac OS Versions?
Mac OS X Leopard
Mac OS X Tiger
What are Linux versions called?
Name some Linux Distributions?
Red Hat Linux
Name some Unix Versions?
Sun Solaris
Which operating system includes built-in multitasking, multi-user support, TCP/IP?
What is the highest level of Windows XP?
XP Professional
Which version of Windows Server 2008 is a highly scalable platform for large-scale virtualization?
Server 2008 Datacenter
Which version of Windows Server 2008 is optimized for applications and clustering.
Server 2008 Enterprise
What version of Windows includes Aero?
Vista Home Premium and 7
Which version of Vista can be added to a domain?
Vista Business
What are the 3 versions of Windows 7?
Home Premium
Which version of Windows 7 includes BitLocker?
Windows 7 Ultimate
Can Windows 7 Home Premium be connected to a domain?
No, only Professional and Ultimate can.
What is the maximum physical memory that a 32 bit processor can use?
4 GB
What is the maximum memory that a 64 bit processor can use?
16 TB
What connector does Firewire 800 have?
9 pin connector
What connector does Firewire 400 have?
6 pin powered
4 pin not powered
Which Firewire connector has a speed of 800 MBps?
Firewire 800
What is speed of Firewire 400?
400 MBps
How is a parallel cable laid out?
25 pin male connector to a 36 pin Centronics connector.
How many devices can USB support per port?
127 USB devices per port
Which system board form factor first introduced air circulation where it pulls air through the case, not just exhausting air?
If you have a slim line case, which form factor system board should you use?
Which board plugs into the system board to provide additional slots for adapter cards?
Riser Card
Which command can repair damaged system files?
chkdsk /f
Which command line tool enables you to manage disks and partitions?
Which command line tool locates bad sectors on the disk and recovers any readable information?
chkdsk /r
Which command loads the Windows File Protection Service, finds any system files that are damaged or missing and replaces them?
SFC /scannow

"System File Checker"
What are the 3 power options in Windows 7?
Power Saver
High Performance
What is the recommended pagefile size?
1.5 times physical memory(RAM)
Which two tools will help you manage startup file maintenance?
Computer Management-Services node
Are Windows 7 font files part of the protected system files?
Where are the font file located?
When is the BOOT process finished?
When the user completely logs on.
Which program will move data in RAM(physical memory) to the HDD if it is not being used so other programs may utilize the RAM?
Virtual Memory Manager
Which version of Windows 7 only allows signed, approved drivers to be installed?
Windows 7 64 bit
Which command line utility copies files, setting and user accounts from one Windows computer to another?
User State Migration Tool
Which level of Windows Update fixes immediate security loop holes?
Which level of Windows Update fixes minor security holes and system updates?
What are a few different methods to install Windows?
Local Installation source
Unattended Installation
System Imaging
If using the Unattended method of Installation of Windows, what must you create first?
A text file called an "Answer File."
How much RAM is required for Windows 7 and Windows Vista Home Premium to run?
1 GB
What part of the system will generate a "checksum" error?
A memory error
What is a possible solution for the computer not booting or POST beep codes sound?
Memory is not installed correctly.
What is ECC or Error Correcting Code used for?
Memory error checking system
Is Parity an active or passive system?
Passive. It only detects memory errors.
Which memory error checking mechanism is ACTIVE?
Error Correcting Code
Where should a single PATA drive be installed?
Furthest from the motherboard
While running POST, you receive any 1700 error. Which system is most likely at fault?
If video display is flickering or has distortion, a possible fault is?
Bent pins on the connector
How does the AT motherboard connect to power?
Through the use of 2 connectors called P8 and P9.
Which chipset controls the system memory and the AGP video ports?
Which chipset controls I/O functions, system clock, drives and buses?
Who are two well known BIOS manufactures?
AMI American Megatrends Inc

Phoenix Technologies
Socket A is used for which processor?
AMD Athlon
Remember "A" for AMD, Athlon
Which processor is used in a Socket 423 or Socket 478?
Pentium 4
Remember the 4's in the sockets
The Xeon processors utilizes which socket?
Socket 603
remember the o in Xeon and the o in 603.
The most common processor socket is?
Socket 775
What are the sockets PAC418 and PAC 611 used for
Itanium processors.
remember the 1's in the socket match the I in Itanium.
Which type of processor slot is used by the pentium processors?
Slot 1
just remember #1 processor
Which type of processor slot is used by the AMD processors?
Slot A
remember A for AMD
What technology makes one physical processors appear as 2 logical processors?
What is dedicated high speed memory used for storing recently used data?
What is a VRM?
Voltage Regulator Module
Which memory is built into the processor?
L1 cache
What is the backside bus used for?
It is built into the processor and the CPU uses it to access L1 cache.
What is the system bus called?
The Front Side Bus
Which type of backup does not look at the archive bit?
What type of backup only looks at what has changes since last FULL backup.
Which backup only relies on the Archive bit?
To backup system state data in Windows 7 you must create what?
A system image
What does the System State data consist of?
Boot files
System files
COM + object registrations
What Windows XP service automatically maintains backup copies of key System files?
Windows File Protection
What is the only way to backup the registry?
System State backup in XP
Full backup in 7
When the OS freezes or locks up and you get the blue screen, what does Windows automatically create?
a .dmp file

A Dump file
What is a General Protection Fault or GPF?
That is where an application is accesing RAM that another App is using or an app is trying to access an invalid memory address.
What are the POST Beeps?
1 beep means system is ok
More than 1 means a problem
"Inaccessible boot device" error
Check cables on HDD or controller
What is the CEO of the boot process?
"Device or program in registry not found" error
reinstall device
In Event Viewer, what are the 4 errors?
Which Remote Assistance is taking control of others desktop?
Remote Desktop
Which Remote Assistance is sharing control of others desktop?
Remote Assistance
Which advanced boot option reverts the system to the state it was on the last successful user full log on?
Last Known Good
What file does the system create that contains the last known good configuration?
Control Set
What does do?
Tells NTLDR what kind of hardware/software you have
To perform ASR(Automatic System Recovery), you would need what?
Windows installation disk
ASR Disk
ASR Backup
How many wires in a Twisted Pair?
8 wires
How many sets or pairs of wires in a Twisted Pair?
What is UTP and STP?
Unshielded Twisted Pair
Shielded Twisted Pair
Which network utilizes CAT 5e cable?
Fast Ethernet
Which network utilizes CAT 6?
Gigabit Ethernet
Which CAT cable is certified at 1 GBps?
CAT 6 and 6A
Which CAT cable is certified at 350 GBps?
CAT 5e
CAT 7 has a max speed of?
10 GBps
Which twisted pair does not give off poisonous gas when burned?
Plenum Cable
What kind of cabling is not affected by EMI?
Fiber Optic
What is the max length of Thick Net?
Thick net is 10Base5 and max distance is 500 meters. Use Vampires to tap into.
Which protocol is nonproprietary and routable across different networks?
Which protocol is a proprietary routable network protocol designed by Novell?

Internetwork Packet Exchange/Sequenced Packet Exchange
How many bits is an IPV4 address?
32 bits

4 8-bit octets
Class A Addresses
Class B Addresses
How many bits in an IPV6 address?
128 bits
8 hexidecimal blocks seperated by colons
can use 0-9 and A-F
Which Device connects multiple Ethernet or twisted pair devices together. Broadcasts to all ports
A device that forwards packets to only the destination port based on MAC addresses.
A networking device that connects multiple networks together
Dial up=Circuit switching networks
Ethernet=Packet switching networks
modulation= covert digital to analog
demodulation=analog to digital
What speed is the 802.11n?
2.4Ghz & 5 Ghz
What is the 802.11a?
5 Ghz
60 Feet
What is the 802.11b?
2.4 Ghz
200-400 feet
What is the 802.11g?
200-400 feet
2.4 Ghz
What enables wireless networks to connect to wired networks?
Wireless Access Points
What does SSID stand for?
Service Set Indentifier
What is the max distance for Bluetooth?
30 feet
Bluetooth=1MBps(232 KB voice/768 kb data)
3 ft max
uses IRDA standards
Is Broadband an Analog or Digital Signal?
Is Baseband Analog or Digital?
Cannot simultaneously send and recieve
Uses all bandwidth
TCP/IP Ports

20/21=FTP Data/Command Control
110= POP3
143= IMAP
SSL=Secure Socket Layer

This is TCP/IP 3 way handshake
What creates a secure session for Telnet and utilizes port 22?

Secure Shell
What device downloads and stores files on behalf of clients from the Internet?
Proxy Server
What is the Auto Configuration process used with DHCP?
What service is active if you have an IP address of 169.254....
What is the primary name resolution service?
Domain Name System
Where does DNS look first for an IP address?
Local Resolver Cache
What is a manual map of FQDN to IP Addressees?
Host File
Which file is loaded into local resolver cache at every startup?
Host File
Where is the Host File stored?
What is a NAT Server?
Network Address Translation replaces private IP with public IP and sends data out onto the Internet.
What is the name of a Microsoft peer to peer network?
What is a collection of a maximum of 10 computers, decentralized, with admin done on every computer?
A Centralized database that includes objects such as servers, clients, computers, user names and passwords.
Network Directory or
Directory Service
In an Active Domain, which service holds all folders and accounts(Top Dog)?
Domain Controller
Which Processor was designed from the ground up for the mobile platform?

a. Legacy Mobil Intel
b. AMD Turion
c. Intel Pentium M
d. AMD Athlon
b. AMD Turion(Ultra)
Which Processor uses SpeedStep?

a. Legacy Mobil Intel
b. AMD Turion
c. Intel Pentium M
d. AMD Athlon
a. Legacy Mobile Intel
Which Processor was the first dual core processor designed by AMD?

a. Legacy Mobil Intel
b. AMD Turion
c. Intel Pentium M
d. AMD Athlon
d. AMD Athlon
Which Processor incorporates Power Now?

a. Legacy Mobil Intel
b. AMD Turion
c. Intel Pentium M
d. AMD Athlon
d. AMD Athlon
What is the standard size platter of a laptop hard drive?

a. 3.5"
b. 2"
c. 2.5"
d. 3"
c. 2.5"
How many pins does a SODIMM typically have?

a. 100
b. 172
c. 200
d. 144
a. 100
c. 200
d. 144
How many pins does a MicroDIMM typically have?

a. 100
b. 172
c. 200
d. 144
b. 172
d. 144
Which type of Mini-PCI card must be located against the Chassis?

a. Type I
b. Type II
c. Type III
d. Type IV

There is no Type IV
Which type of Mini-PCI card slides into a slot on the motherboard?

a. Type I
b. Type II
c. Type III
d. Type IV
c. Type III

There is no Type IV
Which Battery has a short life of 3-4 hours?

a. NiCad
b. NiMH
c. Li-Ion
d. Lithium Polymer
a. NiCad
Which Battery has memory effect?

a. NiCad
b. NiMH
c. Li-Ion
d. Lithium Polymer
a. NiCad
Which Battery has twice as much power as NiCad?

a. Zinc Air
b. NiMH
c. Li-Ion
d. Lithium Polymer
c. Li-Ion
Which Battery does not suffer from memory effect?

a. NiCad
b. NiMH
c. Li-Ion
d. Lithium Polymer
b. NiMH
Which Battery is environmentally friendly?

a. NiCad
b. NiMH
c. Li-Ion
d. Lithium Polymer
b. NiMH
Which Battery has a jelly like electrolyte?

a. NiCad
b. NiMH
c. Li-Ion
d. Lithium Polymer
d. Lithium Polymer
What command controls the Power Management mode?
On a Dot Matrix printer, how many pins on a pin strike printhead?

a. 9
b. 12
c. 20
d. 24
a. 9 pin
d. 24 pin
Which Dot Matrix process uses 2 or more passes over each line to produces sharper and clearer letters?

a. printhead move
b. letter quality pass
c. Ink Transfer
d. Pin Strike
b. Letter Quality Pass
What component of the Windows Print Spooler Service is the communication between the application and the Windows printing system?

Graphics Device Interface
What component of the Windows Print Spooler Service transfers data between the computer and printer?
Port Monitor
What component of the Windows Print Spooler Service determines the correct print provider for the target print device?
Print Router
What document is a formalized statement that defines how security will be implemented within an organization?
Corporate Security Policy
What are the 3 factors of most authentication schemes?
1. Something you know
2. Something you have
3. Something you are
In the User login process, you can be denied before completion of the Authentication process.

True or False

You must be completely Authenticated before being denied.
What type of Access Control is based on roles?

Role Based Access Control
What Access Control measure uses ACL?

Discretionary Access Control
Which Access Control measure will allow the User to set and modify their own permissions?
Discretionary Access Control
They can do this on their own files
What access control cross references user permissions with the file security settings to see if a user has permission?
Mandatory Access Control
What are computer security "Rights"?
Enables users to perform system wide actions like installing a printer, setting system time, and installing device drivers.
What is a security measure that tracks user and operating system activities?
Which Data encryption method uses a one-way encryption method where the data is never decrypted?
Which data encryption method is a two way encryption that uses one key?
Symmetric encryption or shared key
Which data encryption method is a two way encryption that uses 2 keys?
Asymmetric encryption or public key

Public key encrypts
Private key decrypts
What are the two types of BIOS passwords?
What would be used to alert you of network data analyzers or sniffers?
Intrusion Detection System
Which wireless security method is used by cellphones and PDA's?

a. WEP
c. WPA
d. 802.1

Wireless Transport Layer Security
What is pretexting?
A social engineering attack whereby the attacker pretends to be someone they are not.