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What instruction provides guidance and standards for the Navy and Marine Corps MWD program, and how many chapters are in it?
OPNAVINST 5585.2b, 10 chapters and 9 (A-I) appendix.
What does the MWD program inventory consist of?
Patrol dogs, Patrol/Drug detector dogs, Patrol/Explosive detector dogs, Drug detector dogs, and Explosive detector dogs.
What does chapter 5 cover?
Explosive Training Aid Accountability, Handling, Storage, Safety, Security, and Transportation.
What does chapter 7 cover?
Drug/Explosive Detector Dog Training and Use.
How many deployment categories do MWDs have and what are they?
CAT 1- Unrestricted Deployment
CAT 2- Limited Deployment
CAT 3- Temporarily Nondeployable
CAT 4- Nondeployable
What must Drug Training Aids be stored in?
GSA-approved security container, 4 drawer or 2 drawer safe. A 5 drawer safe may be used if command has Methamphetamine training aids.
If drug aids are stored in a 5 drawer safe how are they placed?
1. Marijuana
2. Hashish
3. Cocaine
4. Heroin
5. Methamphetamine
If drug aids are stored in a 4 drawer safe how are they placed?
1. Marijuana, Hashish
2. Cocaine
3. Heroin
4. Methamphetamine
If drug aids are stored in a 2 drawer safe how are they placed?
1. Marijuana, Hashish
2. Cocaine, Heroin, Methamphetamine
What must be done to a safe weighing less than 750 pounds, and what must be done to all drug safes?
Secured to wall or floor. Safes must be located in an area manned 24 hours or have an IDS system.
What placecards must be mounted on the vehicle transporting Explosive training aids, and where on the vehicle?
Explosive "A" (class 1.1)
on all 4 sides of the vehicle.
How many sections are in the MWD's Probable Cause Folder?
How many sections are in the MWD's Training Folder?
How often must a MWD detection team certify?
1. When team is first assigned.
2. Once a year on or before original certification date.
3. When proficiency training/trials have been interrupted for 30 or more consecutive days.
4. When teams fail to maintain proficiency for each required odor, Explosive (95%) Drug (90%).
What are the Detector Dog Proficiency Levels, and where are they located?
1. Level three-
0"-6' high 0"-1' deep

2. Level five-
6'-7' high 1'-2' deep

3. Level seven-
7'-8' high 2'-3' deep

4. Level nine-
8'-9' high 3'-4' deep

5. Level twelve-
9' and above 5' and deeper

Levels are located in Appendix H.