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bar charts
When you have a categorical variable as the IV, it is best to use ___ to graphically display and review the data.
When the IV is continuous, then generally a ___ is used to visualize the data.
Q-Q plot
A ___ can help you assess univariate normality by displaying observed values and expected values in a normal distribution. If the line is straight, then the values can be considered normally distributed.
The ___ test provides an inferential means to test for univariate normality in small datasets, as well as multivariate normality.
The ___ provide an inferential means to test for normality in large datasets.
Analyze->Descriptive Statistics->Explore
In SPSS, use ___ to provide summaries of variables. Make sure to select normality plots from the options.
probability graph
A ___ can be used to graphically assess multivariate normality.
Box's M
___ tests for equality of variance-covariance matrices, which is a way to check for equal variance across groups for multivariate outcomes.
Tamhane's T2 or Dunnett's T3
___ are corrections for the violation of the assumption of homogeneity of variance for multivariate outcomes, and are nearly always used.
mean vector
In multivariate statistics, we describe the means of all of the DVs as a ___.
more than 5%
If ___ of the data is missing, it is problematic.
list-wise deletion
___ is the most conservative method of compensating for missing data.
mean replacement
___ is substituting the average value for similar subjects for the missing value.
regression-based replacement
___ involves using a model to estimate the expected value of a missing value.
multiple imputation
___ uses multiple sub-datasets that estimate the missing value, similar to bootstrapping.
eigenvector and eigenvalues
___ provide the starting point for almost all of the multivariate statistics that we will utilize.
___ is a new variable that represents the unique variance for a given set of values.
When two variables in a correlation matrix have a correlation magnitude greater than 0.7, we consider ___ an issue.
correlation matrix
Evaluation of the ___ helps identify the issue of multicollinearity.