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Ames test
screening method to determine if a chamical is a carcinogen - cancer.
After complimentary base pairing
can now make capsule by exposing to a piece of DNA from the donor
transformation Grififin 1928
pathogen --- very heavy capsule (smooth shiny colony) (s) mutant lacked capsule (not pathogen) rough colony (r)
ionizing radiation
X-rays, gamma rays, cause DNA damage
Gene exchange in bacteria 2 events
1. donor DNA --- into recipeint cell 2. donor DNA --- into chromosome
Live R recipient for transformation
must be in a state of competence log phase, to take up DNA fragments
Back mutation
reverse original mutation --- doesnt require histadine as a nutrient, can make its own
Forward mutations
mutant can not make histadine requires histadine as a nutrient
impersonate chemical mutagen
impersonate N - base incorporated into DNA leads to faculty pairing
UV - structural changes in the DNA
chemical mutagens
combine with N - base - alter them so that they mispair Ex - Nitrous acid - combines A causes it to pair with cytosine