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These were made the legal responsibility of the French and the British post war?
Which Mandates did the Brithish Have?
Jordan, Palestine and Iraq
Which mandates di the French have?
Syria & Lebannon
Egypt was granted independence from Britain in?
Who was the Father of Turkey?
Mustafa Kemal - Ataturk
What was the letter by Written by Sir Henry McMahon in 1915 & what was the significance?
MacMahon Letter - it said they would support the creation of an Arab homeland in the region between Iraq and Egypt in return for Arab support.
What was the goal of the Zionist Movement?
To return the Jews to their original homeland
What was the Letter from the British Foreign Secretary to Lord Rothschild-written in 1917 & what was the significance?
Balfour Declaration- The British agreed to support a “Jewish national homeland” but this could be achieved only at the expense of the Arab majority.
Who was the leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization?
Yassar Arafat
Why was the PLO Created?
Its single goal was the destruction of the state of Israel
What was the number 1 history making event of the 1970s?
1974 – The oil boycott of 1973-74, organized and implemented by the Arab members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)
What Jewish Holiday did it occur on?
Yom Kippur War-with held all oil shipment to the United States and its NATO allies.
Who led the Iranian revolution of 1970?
Ayatollah Khomeini
Which country has the larget poulation of Muslims?
What type of Muslims does Iran have?